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Ben Haggerty better known by his famous stage name Macklemore was born on the 18th of June in 1983 in Seattle in Washington in the United States of America. He is an acclaimed American rapper. He works along with his producer Ryan Lewis as well as Owour Arunga (plays the trumpet), Noah Goldberg (plays the piano), Andrew Joslyn (the violinist) and Zach Fluery (he is the drummer, guitarist and the bassist.

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Since the beginning of his musical career, Macklemore has been quite popular in Seattle which is his hometown. His music journey began at Garfield High school where he would frequently perform at the popular Capitol Hill Block Party event. In 2008, 2009 as well as in 2011 he was seen performing live at Bumbershoot which is a principle music and arts festival that is held in Sasquatch and Seattle Music Festival. He and Ryan Lewis are all prepared to release their new album titled as The Heist which is scheduled for release on the 9th of October in 2012.
In 2000, he recorded an EP which was known as Open your Eyes. He recorded this EP with the name of Professor Macklemore and he distributed it himself upon release. His stage name comes from the famous Seattle Mariners star named Mark McLemore. He dropped "Professor" from his name and in January 2005, successfully released a full official album called The Language of My World. September 2009 saw him releasing The Unplanned Mixtape. He partnered with DJ Ryan Lewis in October in 2010 to make the VS. Redux EP.  
Between 2005 and 2009, he struggled in rehab for his substance abuse issues. After being cleared from rehab, he collaborated with Lewis and the two became a creative unit. In late April in 2010 the two of them performed at Colorado College. The performance comprised of his acclaimed song "And We Danced" which was sung two times over in front over a massive crowd. He released a tribute single in December 2010 which was called "My Oh My". This tribute song was for the Seattle Mariners broadcaster by the name of Dave Niehaus who had recently departed. This song his received a lot of extensive coverage especially in Seattle. At the occasion of the 2011 Mariner’s Opening Day which was on April 8th 2011, he performed this song live. If you are a fan of the duo or a fan of listening to some amazing live music then this is the ultimate time for you to get Macklemore Ryan Lewis tickets and experience a thrilling performance that will be truly memorable.
Macklemore Ryan Lewis hosts a yearly pizza party for their fans. Their avid fans get an opportunity to show their love of music and receive a free ticket to attend the party by displaying all their creativity in a contest held at the party. Fans get the chance to sing, dance, draw, play and paint in order to get a chance to not only meet but also watch the two stars perform live. This brilliant idea of fan appreciation parties began in 2010.
Lewis and Haggerty’s song "Can’t Hold Us" was utilized as a soundtrack for the commercial advertisement of Miller Beer in United Kingdom and in Ireland. By June 2012, there was an increase in the European fan following of the two artists. The two are going to be taking a world tour after the release of their debut full length record album, The Heist LP. Some singles such as "Make the Money" and "Can’t Hold Us" will be included in the album.
On 18th of July in 2012, the duo announced that their song "Same Love" which was performed by them in support of the Referendum 74 of Washington State in relation to the topic of gay marriage will also be featured in their debut album. On the 4th of September in 2012, the two artists released a video in promotion of the deluxe edition of their upcoming album. The video displayed it as a box which was created with faux-gator skin and also featured the song list of their album.
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