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Ryan Lewis, along with Macklemore, proved that you can be famous even without a major record label at your back promoting and influencing you. He is a music producer from Seattle but that’s not it. Lewis is also a DJ, a music video director and also a photographer and a graphic designer. Although Lewis has released a solo album titled Instrumentals but he is best known for his collaboration with Macklemore. With him, he has worked on two albums namely, The Heist and The VS. EP. Lewis took care of producing, recording, engineering and mixing all the music of the duo as well as all the promotional graphics. Lewis has also directed the music videos for “Can’t Hold Us”, “Otherside”, “And We Danced”, “Thrift Shop” and “Same Love”.  

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Since the time Ryan Lewis and Macklemore got famous with their chart-topping hits, they have become a live performance sensation with their concerts getting super famous wherever they perform. Ryan Lewis Toronto is one such concert where this genius will be unleashing the power of his music. The concert is going to be one big party with Ryan Lewis Toronto tickets your passes for entry. The guys have been performing live since 2011 with almost half of the venues sold out on their tours so you can only imagine how great this upcoming one will be. You can now also have cheap Ryan Lewis Toronto tickets so that you can enjoy this concert even with “$20 in your pockets”. Don’t wait no more. Go get your tickets now!