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The American outfit, LMFAO, is responsible for some of the most amazing electro pop this side of the Atlantic. This fabulous American duo plays electro pop music and has been doing so since back in 2006. LMFAO was formed in the spectacular city of Los Angeles in the state of California back in 2006 and consisted of DJ Redfoo, stage name for Stefan Kendal Gordy and SkyBlu, nickname for Skyler Husten Gordy. These two artists were not only DJs but they were also rappers as well as dancers. They are n uncle and nephew duo whose grandfather was the fabled Berry Dordy, founder of the record label, Motown. This act has since then played amazing music and is best known for their lively live performances in which the group makes use of music it calls party rock. Thus, if you are looking for a night filled with dance and partying, all you need are LMFAO tickets.

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The awesome LMFAO, whose name stands for Loving My Friends And Others, has not only rocked the city of Los Angeles but also toured across the US to play at many of the best music venues. The group was formed back in 2006 when the two performers, both of them close relatives, met together and decided to start playing fabulous music together. LMFAO was first formed as the Sexy Dudes after which the name was changed to LMFAO. Since then, this outfit has played and released music under this name. Two years after their debut, LMFAO was signed onto the record label, Interscope. The same year, in 2008, the band rose to fame with its first album.
After signing on to Interscope, LMFAO released their first EP titled as Party Rock EP online through iTunes in 2008. This was followed in 2009 by this duo’s first full studio album, an album that ranked high on the Billboard 200 charts as well as bagging the number two position on the US Dance Charts. This led to increased popularity for this duo as well as favorable reviews from newspapers such as the Los Angeles Times positive reviewing the band and praising it as one of the best albums. One of the singles from this album, I'm in Miami Bitch, ranked high on the Billboard Hot 100 charts as well as in charts outside the US, such as those in Canada.
One of LMFAO’s songs, Bass Kick in Miami, was remixed by DJ Inphinity and became an internet sensation and was even massively successful at the Winter Music Conference in Miami in 2009. This song was so popular that it became the theme for the fabulous TV reality show, Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami, aired on the E! channel. Yet another of LMFAO’s songs, Get Crazy, was part of the soundtrack of the reality TV series, Jersey Shore. In 2009, the band was featured in a special feature by MTV, titled as The Real World: Cancun, which showed the band’s live shows performed in Cancun during 2009.
In 2010, LMFAO were featured on the hit David Guetta song, Getting’ Over You, a song that ranked number one not only in the US but also in eleven different countries that included the UK and Canada. This song by LMFAO and David Guetta was followed by the duo’s second studio album titled as Sorry for Party Rocking. One of the hit singles from this album, Party Rock Anthem, debuted at number on the US charts as well as in Canada, UK and ten other countries. Yet another song from this album, Champagne Showers, was also a massive hit and featured a collaboration with British artist, Natalia Kills.
In 2011, the band went fully international when they went on an Asia tour that covered many countries such as Singapore and Malaysia. This was a very successful tour after which the band performed live on MTV’s Isle of MTV 2011. This electro pop party rock duo also went on tour with the number one pop artist, Kesha, as an opener in her famous Get Sleazy Tour. In terms of awards, this band has received a Grammy Award nomination as well as two Hip Hop Nation Awards. Thus, for some exciting party rock, simply get hold of LMFAO tickets and go dance the night away!

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