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As soon as rap music hit the scene, it solidified its place in the music industry. This genre of music was introduced as a way to let it all out. Faced paced and adrenalin packed, rap music soon became the identity of an entire generation. There have been many internationally acclaimed rap musicians. 2 Pac and M.C. Hammer are among the top names. The multitalented L.L. Cool J. is also a respected name in rap. L.L. Cool J. tickets are among the dream list of every rap lover. L.L. Cool J. launched his first album in 1985. Titled “Radio”, the album was a success, going platinum with 1,500,000 sales. “I can’t live without my radio” and “Rock Bells” were the top songs of this album. In 1987, the rapper launched his second album “Bigger and Deffer”. “I’m Bad”, “I Need Love” and “Bristol Hotel” were singles featuring this album. The third album, “Walking With a Panther” came in 1989.

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About LL Cool J

At this point in his career, L.L. Cool J. was getting a lot of comments about his music getting soft due to inclusion of ballads. Enter “Mama Said Knock You Out”. This hard hitting 1990 album secured the rapper’s legacy and sold around 2,700,000 copies, putting to rest all the critique. In 1993, L.L. Cool J. launched another album titled “14 Shots to the Dome”. This album went gold! The next project for the hip hop star was in 1993, when he starred in a sitcom “In the House”. After that he released his fifth album titled “Mr. Smith”. With singles like “Doin It” and “Hey Lover”, the album sold over two million copies. In 1996, Def Jam released “All World: Greatest Hits”. The album contained all of L.L. Cool J’s greatest songs. His 1997 album was titled “Phenomenon”. In 2000, he launched G.O.A.T. This album also went platinum. His other albums include “10” (2002), “The DEFinition” (2004), “Todd Smith” (2006) and “Exit 13” (2008).
L.L. Cool J. has also done numerous tours and collaborations. His acting career ran parallel to his music. He started with a small role in “Wild Cats”. He also did a movie called “Toys”, alongside Robin Williams. In 1998, L.L. Cool J. starred in “Halloween H20”. His other movies include “Deep Blue Sea”, “In Too Deep”, “Any Given Sunday”, and “S.W.A.T”. His overwhelming career is a result of non-stop hard work and perseverance. The music industry has immensely talented artist and to maintain such a lengthy career is indeed commendable. You have to attend one of his high octane concerts to earn the right to own dancing shoes. The best thing about hip-hop is that there are no rules. You get to break free, set your own tone and move to the rhythm. Breaking the shackles and doing things our way is what we yearn all our lives. Hip-hop provides that freedom. We can forget about the general aggravations of the day and simply let it all out. There is no decorum, no steps to follow and no limit to the fun. Dancing to L.L. Cool J’s tracks at his gig is one of the coolest things money can buy.
Cheap L.L. Cool J. tickets are available now. You can enjoy a great night with this legendary rapper. Enough of the dinner parties where you have to dress according to a code and eat while observing the best of manners. It’s time to get out and get going. Wear that baggy old jeans, get your baseball cap and be ready to be rejuvenated by one of the best rappers of modern times.

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