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The 1980s and the 1990s were the eras of all girl pop groups and amongst these pop groups, Expose still stands out – a group made up primarily of vocalists – that included three different singers; Ann Curless, Gioia Bruno and Jeanette Jurado.

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This group began its debut with a record – four hits from their debut album were in the top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100 in the US which included such hits as ‘Seasons Change’, a hit that ranked #1 on the Billboard 200.This band was more popular within the dance music genre and was as such highly played in various dance clubs. It graced numerous charts including Top 40 charts as well as various adult contemporary music charts. The band has both toured and recorded music from 1985 to 1995, a good decade, after which they retired from making public performances and making new music – however, 2003 saw their revival with a reunion, and the famous girl vocal group of the 90s is now back touring as well as, reportedly, working on new music. As of date, this group has sold a large number of records all over the world – a staggering 25, 000, 000, a fact that definitely makes Expose Universal City tickets the it for any fan of their music.  Expose began as a project of a Miami Dj, Lewis Martinee, who sought to create a dance group. Working with Pantera Productions, he hired a number of female musicians for the group’s initial lineup and named the band X-posed. In 1985, the first lineup of Expose, then X-Posed, was made up of Alejandra Lorenzo, Sandra Casañas and Laurie Miller who recorded the single Point of No Return. This single was released on vinyl and was an instant hit – featured at #1 on the Billboard Hot Dance Club Play chart. In fact, this single was influential in that it introduced the freestyle genre of music to the masses, a style that combines keyboard music, electro funk, drum patterns and a sing along chorus.Due to the single being an immense hit, the group was quickly signed on with BMG Records/Arista which then began distributing the vinyl single. In 1986, Expose again released its second single, Exposed to Love, that was a dance club ‘Latin’ tune of the freestyle genre. This release took place coincidentally at a time when the various radio channels were playing music from within the House, Club and Dance genre – a fact that resulted in a lot of continued success for Expose. As of the immense popularity of their first two singles, the band began creating and recording their debut studio album at Arista/BMG Records.Expose’s first studio album, their debut album, was released in 1987 with a new lineup – all of the original members had left for some reason. Unlike most girl groups, Expose had vocals assigned equally between their various members – as opposed to say, the Pussycat Dolls, who have one lead vocalist with the rest hardly singing – a fact that set them apart from other girl groups. Singles from this album reached #5 on the Billboard 200 – these include Come Go With Me and Point of No Return. And if that wasn’t enough, yet another track garnered #7 on the Billboard 200 – Let Me Be The One. But the greatest hit of all from this album was the single Seasons Change – it ranked at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 in February 1988 – followed by appearances on various TV shows and a nomination for the Soul Train Award as the Best New Artist. This debut album was rated triple platinum status and is highly regarded as one of the most, if not the one, successful dance albums of all time.  The second Expose album was released in 1989 and was titled as What You Don’t Know. From this album, three singles "When I Looked at Him", "Tell Me Why" and "What You Don't Know" ranked within the top 10 of the Billboard 200, a fact that created a new record as the first girl group to have had 7 consecutive singles on the Billboard 200 charts.In short, Expose is a highly acclaimed, highly awarded and highly successful girl group formed back in the 1980s that is still in business even today, a staggering three decades later. As such, a chance at seeing history performed by those who wrote it is yours – provided you have Expose Universal City tickets!