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Music lovers almost always love some freestyle action going on especially if it’s live. Freestyle Explosion is known to bring you exactly that spontaneous vocal experience. The event is back with its greatest performers this summer. The spiciest R n’ B radio channel in San Diego, Magic 92.5 is responsible for the freestyle events. What the musicians here do is different things ranging from singing Off The Wall by pop legend Michael Jackson to their own previous songs to solo freestyle singing moving on to some freestyle battles amongst one another. This is why freestyle music fans never want to miss a chance to get Freestyle Explosion tickets. Some of the Freestyle Explosion performers are Stevie B, Debbie Deb, Johnny O, Pretty Poison, Shannon, Expose, Lisa Lisa, Trinere and Stacey Q.

About Freestyle Explosion

Lisa Lisa has a band Cult Jam that started off in 1980 in New York. They were assembled by Full Force. Their first album was released in 1985 and was a big commercial triumph. It was called Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam. Some of the hits include All Cried Out, Lost in Emotion and Let the Beat Hit Em. A recent one called Can’t Wait featured Pitbull too. With a massive hit Because I Love You, Stevie B’s music is known as the king of freestyle and his music ventures, too, started around 1980. Stevie B hits include Party Your Body, Love Me for Life and In My Eyes. His Because I Love You lasted on the Billboard 100 number one spot for four weeks. Stevie B is exceptionally famous in Brazil too and regularly performs there.
Debbie Deb is another freestyle artist who now not only performs at concerts but works as a hairstylist as well. Janet Jackson even went ahead with Debbie Deb’s Lookout Weekend as a cover version. We Can’t Go Wrong, Show Me and Wishing on a Star are some of The Cover Girls’ hottest songs. These girls began their career in music in the 80’s. All of Johnny O’s eight albums attained success. His self-titled album proved to be the best one amongst all. The album Johnny O had beats such as Fantasy Girl, Dream Boy Dream Girl, Memories and Highway of Love. He is working on a Christian album at the moment with other worship leaders and some new artists. Seasons Change was a number one hit for the freestyle group Expose. Their songs were quite famous at dance clubs. They retired after 1995 but still tour today.
Pretty Poison is a freestyle explosion member that started off in the 80’s too. They are from Philadelphia. Their first song Nighttime was an instant music victory and also achieved a number fourteen position on the US Hot Dance Club Play chart. Shannon earned fame with her Let the Music Play that sold millions of records. Albums that followed include Do You Wanna Get Away and Love Goes All the Way. A more recent album is A Beauty Returns which was released in 2007.
Two of Hearts is Stacey Q’s claim to fame. She also has a background in dance and dance related performances. She was also an entertainer at Disneyland at a point. Another Freestyle Explosion contributor is Trinere with dance hits from the 80’s and 90’s. She is better known by many as the Queen of Freestyle. Her albums and songs stayed up on good spots of various charts for exceptional periods of time.
With all these names in one place, a Freestyle Explosion concert is always known to be highly energetic. People do not want to miss the rare chance; fans from the 80’s really want to experience nostalgia in the form of cheap Freestyle Explosion tickets. So why wait and let so many others grab a chance you could have to the performance that could thrill fans from the 80’s and the newer, very music-tolerant generation!