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The Eaglepalooza event is the name of an event which is quite akin to the events that are hosted by the University of Southern Mississippi and also by the Florida Gulf Coast University, but the events are very contrasting to one another. The name of this event comes from the concert fiesta play of Lalapalooza.

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About Eaglepalooza

The Southern Mississippi Student Government Association at the University of Southern Mississippi helps in hosting this splendid event of Eaglepalooza every year. It does so in alliance with the neighboring business companies as well as with various other campus associations. At the Southern Mississippi this wonderful event has become the main focal reason behind uniting the students of the University of Southern Mississippi and the local community to come together in an event like this. The Eaglepalooza event successfully brings in some really great and well known musical performances, acts and talents together to create an exciting show for people who are looking for a great time at a spectacular show. In the past, the event has held musical concerts of groups and performers such as Pat Green, Sister Hazel, Dashboard Confessional, Better than Ezra, Gavin DeGraw, Mya and Train.
The Eaglepalooza event in 2006 was to host the performance of Sister Hazel and Chingy. However, due to reason unknown, Chingy cancelled its attendance and in place Mya was chosen as his substitute, which in turn came out to being a fantastic performance.  In 2007, the Southern Mississippi saw the famous R & B artist Eve the rapper, the Family Band and Robert Randolph showcase their awesome talents in the event.  The following year in 2008, this amazing event showcased the talents of David Barnes, the MUTEMATH along with many others. In 2009, the Eaglepalooza featured live performances by SMAASH, Grupo Fantasma, Girl Talk and the Foulon Brothers. In 2010, Southern Mississippi saw an incredible performance by We The Kings at the event.
On the other hand, the Eaglepalooza event which is hosted by the Florida Gulf Coast University is held by the Campus Recreation Department. The event showcases superb musical concerts, fun activities, giveaways and food as well as beverages. In 2007, the event at the Florida Gulf Coast University saw some unbelievable musical performances by Young Joc, the band Black Cartel and by Florida Gulf Coast University’s very own student performer S-Jayy. The event that took place in 2007 also had some great sporting performances such as the basketball challenge, the championship flag game, a rock climbing wall and some really delicious food vendors. The 2008 event featured the famous Busta Rhymes performing live at the event. The following year in 2009, the event saw MIMS and Sean Paul along with some really remarkable comedic acts performed by Roy Wood Jr. and Aries Spears.
In general the Eaglepalooza event is a superb place to see some of the greatest talents from across the United States of America coming and showcasing their amazing live performances. The sheer level of excitement and energy of this event is simply marveling. One gets the chance to mingle with the University students and the local community while seeing some great live musical performances. The entertainment package that this event offers is mind blowing. Although this event was created to welcome the new students that came to the University of Southern Mississippi into the Hattiesburg’s downtown area, yet the event has become so big over the years that it has been made into an annual festival.  
The Eaglepalooza event is traditionally funded by the University’s Student Government Association. Annually this event ends up getting more than 10,000 students to attend this event along with the members of the local business community. This event is without a doubt is a huge platform for people who want to enjoy some great musical live performances from all over the United States of America in one place.
Over the years the popularity of the Eaglepalooza event has grown tremendously. If you and friends wish to get together at one place to enjoy some really great music then get the Eaglepalooza tickets. This is a wonderful opportunity for you to avail the Eaglepalooza tickets and be part of an event that offers entertainment and fun to a whole new level.

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