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Everybody should try to follow their dreams at least once in their lives. A lot of factors might stop you from doing so, but sometimes you have to just put your head down and keep believing in your own abilities. For world famous hip hop artist Drake, this meant giving up his burgeoning acting career, and pursuing his love for music. Even though it was a hard decision at the time, it has paid off handsomely ever since.

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Looking up to the sky

Drake was born as Aubrey Drake Graham in 1986 and life was hard for him while growing up in the middle class neighborhoods of Toronto. His parents divorced while he was very young and he moved from one high school to the next, eventually dropping out before he could graduate.  

His big break finally came when he was only fifteen years old, when he was cast as a disabled ex high school basketball star in the popular show “Degrassi: The Next Generation”.

Hoping for the best

Even though Drake has since gone on to enjoy a wonderful career as a hip hop artist, he has also continued to appear in various television and movie roles as well. He has appeared in six movies to date, in two of which he played himself, while he has also appeared in over fourteen television shows over the years as well.

However, if you want to see him doing what he does best, then you’ll have to get your Drake Edmonton tickets. Only then can you enjoy his amazing songs, live at the Rogers Place.