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DJ Khaled is one of the most influential people in the music industry. He is a successful music producer, DJ, rapper and R&B artist who has supported the careers of many hit-makers. Rihanna, Jay Z, Chance the Rapper, Beyonce and many other leading artists hold Khaled in great esteem and frequently work with him. The artist released his tenth studio album ‘Grateful’ in 2017. It has topped the Billboard 200.

About Dj Khaled Tickets

In 2018, Khaled is joining Demi Lovato and Kehlani for a twenty-date tour. The event was announced via a live feed on Twitter by Lovato in which Khaled and Kehlani featured as well. There is still no title for it, and the specifics and set list for this trek are yet to be announced. However, DJ Khaled tickets have been made available and fans have already begun purchasing them.

About DJ Khaled

Khaled Mohamed Khaled or DJ Khaled as he is professionally known is a Palestinian American whose parents migrated to America before he was born. Khaled began rapping in the early 90s under the moniker ‘Arab Attack’ but changed it to ‘DJ Khaled’ after the 9/11 attack out of respect. After gaining more acclaim, Khaled branched out into music production and has worked on Lil Wayne and Sia’s albums, amongst many others. Khaled is a great presence in the industry and his albums regularly feature a string of artists.

Grateful (2017)

Khaled’s latest album ‘Grateful’ is dedicated to his son Asahd, who is a year old now. Khaled has been an endearingly vocal father on social media, doting on his son and announcing him as an honorary producer of his upcoming projects. The one-year-old even has a Twitter account with over 44000 followers! The record focuses on love in general and includes titles such as “I Love You So Much” and “I’m So Grateful”. It also includes direct dedications to his son such as “Asahd Talk” and “The Alphabet Song” featuring Chance the Rapper. It is a wonderful homage to fatherhood and has resonated with various individuals.

Touring with Demi Lovato and Kehlani

Even though Khaled is a well-reputed headlining name, he often tours with other artists while they support their albums. In 2018, Demi Lovato is going on tour to promote her album ‘Tell Me You Love Me.’ She has begun plotting it with DJ Khaled, who will be a part of the live shows as well. Both the artists are ecstatic about this collaboration as they admire one another immensely. Lovato has tweeted that while they are still deciding on the tour’s name, she and Khaled are close to finalizing a set list. The two announced a third addition to the tour’s line-up, the dazzling pop star Kehlani. News surrounding this event becomes better and better as time passes. A DJ Khaled tour is always high in production quality. Therefore, expectations for the 2018 tour are high.