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Die Antwoord is a rap-rave band from South Africa, which takes inspiration from the “Zef” counterculture movement. Ninja & Yo-Landi Vi$$er are the lead singers of the band, with DJ Hi-Tek as a 3rd group member. They are popular for blending reality with imaginative elements, in order to produce a more arty effect. The band does not confess whether Hi-Tek is an actual person, or just a character being performed by different musicians and actors. Band’s lead singer Ninja used to initially play in the hip hop scene for a very long time in South Africa, which included acts like The Original Evergreen, The Constructus Corporation and MaxNormal.TV. According to Ninja’s statement to Rolling Stone, everything that he was doing before being part of Die Antwoord was mere experimenting.

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About Die Antwoord

The band’s visual and musical style fuses Zef counterculture’s elements which are referred to as modern and trashy, and rejected cultural rudiments. Moreover, the band’s librettos are sung in English, Xhosa and Afrikaans. The band members are quite renowned for their cult-following, exclusively the oddly prolific formation of “fan art” by their die-hard followers. The band made a statement to the Exclaim! magazine, about having a 5 album proposal. You can now get Die Antwoord tickets for some of the group’s upcoming, live concerts in America.
The group was created in the year 2008, and their first album named $O$ was actually made accessible for a free take on the band’s website. The album features rappers from Cape Flats, including Jaak Paarl, Jack Parow, Garlic Brown, Isaac Mutant and Scallywag. The year 2009 saw cinematographer from South Africa Rob Malpage, shooting the video of the song Enter the Ninja. This video also features late turntablist and artist Leon Botha from Cape Town. The video received tons of online views after a few months which forced Die Antwoord to transfer their webpage to an American-based host provider. The band’s song Evil Boy also received over eight million visits online.
After the video’s success, the band signed a contract with the record company Interscope Records. They then performed their 1st international show in 2010 for a humungous crowd at the Coachella Music Festival. The band also went on an international tour for supporting $O$. A little while later, they linked up with the 2011 Big Day Out trip and hence travelled to Australia & New Zealand. Towards the end of the year 2010, the band received MySpace “Best Music Video of 2010” award for Enter The Ninja, their introductory album.
The band parted ways with Interscope Records in winter 2011, which according to them was pushing them to be more standard and generic, in order to gain more financial benefits. Die Antwoord then formed their own label called the “Zef Recordz” and thereafter released Ten$Ion, a new album. The band released this album in collaboration with a Japanese firm called Good Smile Company which has also undertaken to make toys for the band. On the other hand, Downtown Records N.Y.C. has been taking care of the distribution, as well as marketing for the band’s music throughout the world. They artists have also done a short movie for their song Wat Kyk Jy along with Harmony Korine, an American film-maker. The film first premiered at SXSW with the name “Umshini Wam” & is now available on the internet as well.
Die Antwoord is on tour in the United States and will be performing live at a number of venues in various cities. The concert will take place at the Ogden Theatre in Denver, The Pageant in Saint Louis, Center Stage Theatre in Atlanta, Liberty Hall in Lawrence and The Fox Theatre in Pomona. In Florida, the concert will be held at the beautiful Culture Room in Fort Lauderdale. For all the awaiting fans, we are now providing cheap Die Antwoord tickets on our site! Get them now!

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