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Dale Bozzio is a famed vocalist of progressive rock as well as new wave from the United States of America. Bozzio is popular for being the lead vocalist and also the co-founder of the Missing Persons new wave/pop music group of the 1980s. Bozzio is one of those talented artists in the industry today who truly knows how to perform in an exciting live music concert. If you are a fan of hers or want to be part of a magnificent live music show then this is the best time to get your Dale Bozzio tickets and experience a memorable event.

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About Dale Bozzio

Bozzio has worked alongside Frank Zappa performing in some major works of his such as Thing-Fish and Joe’s Garage. In the solo career, she has successfully managed to release a total of three albums along with an EP. In 19980, she and Zappa together created the new wave music band of Missing Persons in collaboration with previous music members of Zappa such as Terry Bozzio and Warren Cuccurullo. Apart from being the lead vocalist of the band, Dale also wrote many songs for the band. They released six albums and an EP. One of their albums, Spring Session M, effectively received a gold record certification from the RIAA. However, in 1986, the group disbanded and Dale signed up with the Prince’s Paisley Park music recording Label Company that ultimately released her debut album titled as Riot In English. The first song of the album, “Simon Simon”, was a hit. Soon after, she established the Missing Persons band again and today consistently performs the group’s repertoire in concerts all over the United States. She has been seen performing in various reunions of the original group while she continues to perform as a solo musician.
The main genres that Dale Bozzio performs in are synthpop, new wave and rock. She has actively been a part of the music industry from 1976 till the present day. Bozzio has given some great associated acts with Missing Persons, Frank Zappa as well as Prince. She began her journey when she went to Playboy Mansion West that is located in Los Angeles in 1976. She went to do an interview for the designation of a Valentine party hostess. This opportunity substantiated for a longtime relationship with Playboy along with some living possibilities in Los Angeles. She had planned to take up an acting career at that time. This offer was made by Hugh Hefner, however she did not accept it and did not achieve the secure living arrangements that she had been looking for. This was when she met with Frank Zappa that ultimately led her to be employed by Zappa. He saw a potential for singing in her due to her high quality voice. Zappa hired her to sing in the role of Mary in his acclaimed rock opera known as Joe’s Garage. She gained recognition as a talented vocalist while being a part of the opera. In 1979, she sang, “I Don’t Wanna Get Drafted”, an OST for the movie Baby Snakes (1979). This song of hers was included in the albums called The Lost Episodes that came out in 1996.
After having a successful career with the Missing Persons and other side projects, she went on to start her solo career that was also a brilliant hit. She is known for performing in some of the most sought after live shows that are totally sold out in advance. The energy and enthusiasm that you will witness in her shows is an absolutely unforgettable experience. Bozzio performs a few old songs from the time that she was with the Missing Persons and also many from her solo career that have been mega hits. In the summer of 2005, Bozzio performed on the fifth week of the Hit Me Baby One More Time along with the Missing Persons on NBC. Her album, New Wave Sessions came out on the 9th of October in 2007 on a CD by the known Cleopatra Records. Renewed versions of hits such as “Destination Unknown”, “Words”, “Turning Japanese”, “Der Kommissar”, “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”, “I know What Boys Like” and “Funkytown” of the Missing Persons are all included in the album. In 2010, she effectively released her latest album, Make Love Not War, on the Electrik Blue Records. With your Dale Bozzio tickets in hand, we vouch for the fact that you will enjoy a riveting live music concert that will be cherished by you for a long time to come.

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