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Cro is a renowned German, singer, prouder, designer and rapper. He defines his compositions as a mixture of pop and rap music which he refers to as raop. For his upcoming live shows, we now have Cro tickets up for sale! Apart from making music, Cro is also known to run his own designer brand for T-shirts called Vio Vio. So the multitalented artist writes his own songs, makes the tunes himself and is a very devoted illustrator, as well as designer!

About Cro Tickets

Cro began to record his music at the mere age of thirteen. He learnt to play instruments like guitar and piano while still young. 2009 saw the release of his music album “Trash”. Then in 2011, his second publication, “My Music” was released. In the summer of 2012, his single Easy won the Gold Record reward. Moreover, this single’s video received twenty million visits on YouTube. His album Hi Kids also received around 1 million views on YouTube. Not just that but all five of his 2012 singles including Hi Kids, My time, You, Kind of raop and Easy reached the “top 100” on the German singles chart where Easy hit the number two spot! For the rapper’s ultimate live performance this season, his fans can now buy cheap Cro tickets from our site.

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A:While we try our best to process the order for Cro Tickets right away, it may take up to one business day.

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A:Call us on our toll free number and our customer services representatives will help you with any queries that you might have regarding Cro Tickets and their prices.

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A:No, Cro Tickets prices are as and how mentioned on our website and contain no hidden charges whatsoever.

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A:Yes, you can buy Cro Tickets from us any number of times you want by simply going through the same easy process every time.