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Black Eyed Peas is an American hip hop outfit that is one of the greatest bands of this generation, a band that has amazed millions with its enriching and enchanting music. This group has been releasing catchy tunes for several years now and is one of the bands you will find in each pop/hip hop playlist. This is a group that was formed back in 1995 and consists of Fergie,, and Taboo.Black Eyed Peas’ first global hit was the track Where Is the Love? released in 2003 which not only topped American charts but also over ten different charts all over the world making this band not simply an American chart topper but a global chart topper, a feat only the best amongst the best can manage.

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About Black Eyed Peas Paris Tickets

Since their debut till yet, Black Eyed Peas has been enjoying the status of the ultimate party rockers as their hip and dance-ready songs are loved by everyone. Who can resist the temptation to dance when their songs such as Don’t Phunk With My Heart, My Humps, Shut Up, I Gotta Feeling, Boom Boom Pow, The Time (Dirty Bit), and Just Cant Get Enough are played in the club? But this time around, you can enjoy these rocking numbers not in the club but in an arena where Black Eyed Peas will be performing live for you. They are coming to Paris to rock you wiht their stimulating tunes. Grab your  Black Eyed Peas Paris tickets today to watch them live and dance to their amazing songs.