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About Atmosphere

If you are a fan of the hip hop general of music, you must have heard of Atmosphere, a hip hop band that is considered as one of the best independent (‘indie’) hip hop bands. Atmosphere has been around as of 1989. It has even gained a cult status of sorts amongst a niche of music aficionados. This particular hip hop band consists of two main members; rapper Slug (Sean Daley) and DJ and Producer Ant (Anthony Davis). It has also featured, in the first album, Spawn (Derek Turner) who left the band after  the release of its first album. Atmosphere itself, as a band, began with the rapper, Sean Daley and his friend Brent Sayers playing as Urban Atmosphere after cycling through a number of names for the band which included, amongst others, Mental Subjects and A Rhythmic Culture).
In fact, Atmosphere’s present rapper was not initially a rapper – he was urged and then mentored by his friend, Brent Sayers with whom he started the band, and then later on became the band’s full fledged rapper. After playing a few gigs, these two musicians later met the present producer of the band, Ant (Anthony Davis) who helped them learn how to properly record songs, structure them and then went on and produced the overall songs. Atmosphere’s original lineup did not play as an outfit at first; their first popularity arose after they and a number of other collaborators (Ant, Musab, Phull Surkle, Black Hole, and The Abstract Pack) joined together to form an outfit known as the Headshots, a group that was locally popular and even had several national appearances.
In late 1997, Atmosphere released its debut album, titled Overcast! whose song scapegoat became a popular hit amongst the various campus and college radio stations and as such received a good amount of airplay. The following year, Atmosphere recorded two various ‘underground rap’ albums with several other acts; these albums were critically acclaimed and were well received in the ‘underground rap’ scene.  In 2001, Atmosphere combined two very different EP’s, Ford EP and the Lucy Ford EP, to created the Lucy Ford LP. This released, originally intended for their extended tour, sold well and was as such released as an official LP. This album was also distributed countrywide via a number of distributors which led to more publicity and a larger audience for this hip hop act.
Atmosphere’s ‘big’ success came in 2002 and subsequently in 2003 – their album God Loves Ugly was highly successful partly due to an extensive tour by the band all over the world to places in Europe and Japan. It even acquired the attention of major labels such as Sony and Interscope who approached Atmosphere’s own label, an independent label known as Rhymesayers. 2003 saw their third studio album, Seven’s Travels with two videos made for two of the album’s singles. These videos appeared on MTV as well as on a number of channels.  In fact, their 2003 album is still considered as one of their ‘most critically acclaimed and successful’ albums.
From then on, Atmosphere released a good number of albums within every two years. In 2010, as part of their ‘To All My Friends’ tour, Atmosphere released an EP. This particular album’s success was measured with its excellent performance on iTunes – it was #2 amongst the top 10 iTunes album downloads in the week it was released. Atmosphere is also a group that tours extensively – at one time they did one show daily for around two months. They have appeared live and played in such countries as Japan, which is a country with a ripe hip hop scene – and if you truly want a taste of what the Japanese have had, the best thing for you to do is simply grab as many Atmosphere tickets as you want, ASAP!

The pioneer of independent hip hop music scene, Atmosphere is having a series of amazing performances nationwide. This is your chance to be part of the chilled out, funky and rap music of the American duo from Minnesota who has been entertaining the world for over 18 years. The very best Atmosphere Tickets are available at the cheapest rates on our website.

The band consists of two music masterminds, rapper Sean Daley also known as Slug and the producer/DJ Anthony also known as Ant. The band had humble beginnings and relatively small gigs at average venues. But with the release of their debut studio album titled Overcast! the duo reached recognition like never before. Quite more so with the single from the album titled “Scapegoat” which was continuously played at numerous radio stations, making Atmosphere the next big thing. During the same time they started performing at bigger venues such as First Avenue. Continuing the success from the first album came Ford and Lucy Ford in 2000. This was a unique two EP compilation. The success was so stupendous that later it was released and massively sold as LP. Lucy Ford made the national distribution possible for the boys through the independent distributor Fat Beats.

God Loves Ugly was their third album, released in 2002. The album contained more mature and straightforward lyrics by Slug. It sold an impressive 130,000 copies nationwide. “God Loves Ugly” and “Modern Man’s Hustle” were the two hit singles from this album, which were played at every Atmosphere concert, publicizing the band to as far as Europe and even across the Pacific to Japan.  It was the same time when the boys played staggering sixty shows in just seventy one days. This fame and increase in fan base compelled major record labels such as Sony, Interscope and Warner Brothers to offer contracts to the duo. However, they preferred staying independent.  Rejecting the deals offered by the music labels, the duo came up with Seven Travels in 2003. “National Disgrace” and “Trying to Find a Balance” were the two hits from the album and were also played on MTV2 along with other stations. The album targeted social issues such as alcohol, drugs addiction and domestic violence. Seven Travels remains one of the most critically acclaimed Atmosphere albums to date.

Catching up pace with the ever increasing expectations and demands of the fans and music lovers, the duo came up with an extremely experimental You Can't Imagine How Much Fun We're Having in 2005. The album was more raw and targeted for less commercial audience. The most successful song was the hit single “The Arrival” which was also featured in the hit EA Sports Fight Night Round 3. The album for the 2010 To All My Friends tour reached #2 spot in the highest iTunes downloads for the week of September 11, 2010. After the three years gap, Atmosphere comes up with another full studio album titled The Family Sign this year. The album will feature works by guitarist Nate Collins and keyboardist Erick Anderson alongside the duo.

Atmosphere is famous for its electrifying performances on stage and heavy tour schedules, which is also the major source of their income. There is immense audience participation and Slug never seems to jinx on any verse throughout his rap. And Ant is always flawless with his mixing, experimenting all the time, modifying and then re-modifying their numbers all the way. Furthermore, the duo always sings some never heard before numbers and occasion related rap numbers along with unique b-sides. The boys talk about public issues and politics and have a rebellious feel to their songs, making it extremely popular among the youth. It is just amazing how the fans chant behind Slug, knowing each and every verse from start till end, clearly demonstrating their dominance in the world independent music scene.

This year is going to be the pivotal year for the boys as they go on numerous tours and gigs, promoting their new album and gaining love of many rap fanatics from around the country. We are offering the best tickets to their concerts at the most competitive and the cheapest rates. With our state of the art customer service department be sure to get the best of service not only to the point of sales, but also after the purchase. So get your very own Atmosphere Tickets right here and enjoy the show!

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