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ASAP Rocky might be a new kid on the block but he has already made his presence felt with his amazing rapping abilities. He has started to make a name for himself as someone who is well in tuned with the ins and outs of his trait to develop a loyal fan base. This future superstar is on tour and if you see him coming near you then buying ASAP Rocky tickets is a no brainer.

About Asap Rocky Tickets

ASAP Rocky was born on 3rd October, 1988 in Harlem, New York. His brother passed away when he was twelve so he was left alone with his mother to live in shelters around the city. He wanted a way out of the hardships and turned to music, Hip Hop to be precise, for inspiration. ASAP had started rapping when he was only eight years old but the death of his brother was the turning point that forced him to take it up seriously as a profession. His major influences were The Diplomats, UGK, Mobb Deep, Three 6 Mafia, Wu-Tang Clan and none other than the great Rakim.
ASAP Rocky might come from the NYC but his music style is more tilted towards the stuff that comes out of Houston. His fascination with Southern Rap took him to work on his own style. Southern Rap started in the south of the country in cities like Houston, New Orleans and Atlanta. Unlike other hip-hop forms of music, the sound that comes out of the south is not based on complicated lyrics, rather it is based on simple lyrics and on the sound it generates. A lot of rappers from the south blend fashion, cars, various trends etc into their routines. It is normally the fashion part that has dominated ASAP Rocky’s music till date.
ASAP’s fascination with Southern Rap and hours of practice in perfecting it has resulted in the smooth breezy sound that is the hallmark of his music. One of the biggest strength of this amazing artist is the constant drive to stay one step ahead of the pack and it is this determination that forced him to create his own crew to perform. Together with his group ASAP Rocky released two tracks Peso and Purple Swag. Both tracks got a very good response considering they were released without the backing of any major record label. The dual success of the tracks started getting him noticed and in 2011 he signed a three million dollar deal with RCA/Sony.
The deal was fulfillment of a dream that ASAP Rocky always had. The amount of the agreement was staggering especially for someone who had nothing but two, albeit hit, songs to show for his efforts. The label knew they had a gem on their hands but still it put a lot of pressure on ASAP and his group to show the world they deserved that huge contract.
ASAP Rocky debuted with an EP titled Deep Purple. It had a total of six songs that showed Rocky as a fun loving boy from Harlem on slower tunes than normal. He changed tracks to show the world his diversity as a musician when he released his next mix tape titled LiveLoveA$AP. The tape had a bit of everything for every rap fan. It was sleek, it was stunning and it appealed to everyone which turned him into a star overnight. The tape was openly praised by his peers and he was invited to join fellow rapper Drake on his tour.
ASAP Rocky has now created a place for himself and the basis of it all is formed on the honesty that stems out of his music. He has pushed the envelope even further to go beyond the conventional rap boundaries. His style is liked and loved by everyone who has heard him and if you want to have an up close and personal experience with this amazing artist then cheap ASAP Rocky tickets are available.

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