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Aesop Rock is here to hip hop your world. Ian Matthias Bavitz is the real name of the American rap artist and songwriter who has his inspirational lines “Must Not Sleep” and “Must Warn Other” tattooed on his forearms. The tickets are now available and if you hurry up, you can get hold of cheap Aesop Rock tickets. Aesop Rock got his stage name from the movie he once worked in. Having spent his early years in New York City, the hip hop culture had a deep influence on him and that is how his interest in hip hop music developed.  He started working on rap in the 1990s; however his music career really took off in the next decade. The new decade took a new turn for him. In 2000, he came up with his first full-length album “Float” but it was in 2001 with the debut album “Labor Days”, under the Manhattan-based label “Definitive Jux”, that he made the real breakthrough. The album landed on the Billboard charts and came to be at number 15 at the United States Independent Charts.

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With this success Aesop Rock gained more recognition. The critics went as far as categorizing "Labor Days" among the best hip hop albums for the year 2001. The main theme of the album was labor and wage slaves in American society. Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4 soundtrack featured the song “Labor”. The most popular single of the album however was “Daylight” which mainly contributed to the album’s success. Such was the popularity of “Daylight” that it was again released in 2002 with a new version of the song by the name of “Night Light”. This album has been used in the movie “The Life Before Her Eyes” as well. In 2003, Aesop Rock came up with “Bazooka Tooth” that took him to new heights of success. It was for the first time that he handled the production part himself. Later when he released his next album “None Shall Pass” in 2007, it was welcomed by the hip hop lovers and it gained appreciation from both the critics and his fans. As a producer Aesop Rock has experimented with different beats and melodies to compliment his rapping style. From his early records “Music for Earthworms” and “Float” to “Labor Days” and “None Shall Pass” Aesop Rock has certainly come a long way.
Even though his music got him success and recognition but at the same time he went through personal hell that he does not like to talk much about but one thing that never stopped for him was his love for music. He has the credit of being at the 19th position at the Top 100 Artists of the Decade by the music site “betterPropaganda” and has the privilege for being on the prestigious B.U. Wall of Fame. “Skelethon” is name of the album that took Aesop Rock five years to complete.
Aesop’s lyrical style is very different; one that has got him both appreciation and criticism.  He is known for coming up with lyrics that have a deep meaning and that make the listeners think about what is being said. The collection of abstract thoughts in a clever rhythmic form is what gives him the creative edge. According to him, all his lyrics are inspired from real events and happenings from his life, what comes from within is what he writes. The critics however complain that at times the meaning of his abstract thoughts is too complex to be comprehended in the way that it is intended. The rapper does not seem very comfortable with the tag of a thinking man’s rapper. He simply shrugs off such comments and claims that he only writes what he feels from within. Continuing what he loves and what he is best at, Aesop Rock is here to give a performance that his fans would not want to miss. Grab your Aesop Rock tickets before they are sold out.

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