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As the all time favorite R&B singer is back on stage make sure you rush to his concert now, book your Usher San Jose tickets form us before the all get sold out. With his classy tunes Usher has bounced back on stage and now it’s your turn to dwell into his musical roots and get soaked up in his enigmatic performance enjoying an evening without any worries.

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We have seen him not just in live shows but enjoyed his onscreen roles as well. The much hit TV soap called The Bold And The Beautiful featured him as Raymond way back in 1998. The same year we got to catch him in The Faculty. In the following year he starred in She’s All That and Light It Up. We saw him as Darrel in, In The Mix. Recently he was starred as Kevin in Killers. His Filmography began way back in 1994 when he starred in Moesha as Jeremy.He started performing in 1990. His second album called My Way did wonders for him. The single “Nice and Slow” made it to the number one hit on Billboard Hot 100. The follow up album released in 2001 and was called 8701 also contained hits like “U Got It Bad” and “U Remind Me.” Both the albums did exceptionally well and made Usher an overnight star and the biggest selling R&B artist of the 90s. As he now come to San Jose, book your Usher San Jose tickets from us now!