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Trey Songz Anticipation 2our is going to be one hell of an event which will be headlined by two of the most amazing young rappers of this era Trey Songz and Big Sean. The tour is organized by Trey as a follow-up to Anticipation 2, his latest mixed tape and he has invited Big Sean to join the party. This is going to be one amazing tour and you can also be a part of it by simply getting your hands on Trey Songz Anticipation 2our tickets.

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About Trey Songz Anticipation 2our

Before the success which has now led to the Trey Songz Anticipation 2our, Trey was a very shy guy during his early years. Born on 28th November, 1984 he never thought of making a career in music because he was too shy to talk in front of a few people let alone perform live for thousands. He had a wonderful voice but his shyness kept him from taking it forward and that is where his family and friends stepped in. On being encouraged by his loved ones, Trey started singing which led to him being discovered by Troy Taylor in the year 2000.  That was followed up by him signing his first contract with Atlantic Records and he started to work on his first album as soon as he was done with school.
His debut album was titled I Gotta Make It which was released in 2005. The album didn’t do too badly and sold forty thousand copies in the first week alone. The album sold over three hundred thousand copies in total which wasn’t too bad considering it was Trey’s first album. The first song Gotta Make It, reached the twenty first spot on Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs charts and got a pretty good response from the R&B audiences. The album helped to improve Trey’s profile and he started getting noticed by the masses.
Trey then started to collaborate with artists like Danja, Troy Taylor and rapping sensation R.Kelly for his next album. He wanted it to be a bit more likeable for main stream audiences compared to his first effort. The album was titled Trey Day which was released in 2007. Trey Day was a pretty big hit right from the start selling over seventy three thousand copies in the first week. The song Can’t Help But Wait turned out to be a huge hit and got a Grammy nomination for its efforts.
To get a more extensive cross over recognition, Trey experimented with his next album Ready, which was released in August 2009. To do a little bit of promoting for the album Trey released a mixed tape titled Anticipation in the summer of 2009. The mixed tape had some tracks that were to be included in Ready. Anticipation is regarded by most as one of his best works to date that achieved a lot of acclaim from fans and critics alike. The hype generated by its success launched Ready to the number three spot as soon as it was released. The album sold over one hundred and thirty thousand copies in its debut week and became his first album to be rated by the RIAA when it was certified gold.
Passion, Pain & Pleasure, Trey’s fourth album was released in 2010 and he followed it up with a tour to promote the album. His latest journey on the road Trey Songz Anticipation 2our is a follow up to the release of his immensely successful mixed tape Anticipation 2. The mixed tape was received with brilliant responses from his fans so Trey decided to go on a tour to take the success a step further. Trey wanted another star to share the stage with him, someone who was not only a brilliant rapper but who would also give the tour a different fresh look. Big Sean fit the bill perfectly and the two decided to headline this amazing journey which will sell Trey Songz Anticipation 2our tickets and make stops at various cities around the country.
Trey Songz Anticipation 2our is a coming together of two of the most brilliant rappers of the modern era for a tour that will be nothing short of epic. This amazing duo is travelling just for their fans so if you see them coming your way all you need to do is buy cheap Trey Songz Anticipation 2our tickets and be a part of this magnificent journey.

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