The 70s Soul Jam Valentines Concert Tickets

To make this year’s valentine most memorable, join in to revive and experience reminisce of the soul music of the 70’s. The return of soul music can never be more inviting and rewarding than a star studded Valentine’s night. The 70’s Soul Jam Valentine's Concert headlines with the biggest and brightest stars that reigned soul of the time. The concert will celebrate R&B, Disco and Soul like never before. The 70’s Soul Jam Valentine’s Concert tickets are a pass to New York City’s most romantic glitzy night. Ensure a seat for this extravagant occasion and be part of the festivity and spirit of Valentine's.

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About The 70s Soul Jam Valentines Concert

The 70’s Soul Jam Valentine’s Concert is a collaborative effort of Marquee Concerts and North American Entertainment Group. Together they have designed a show that would prove nothing less than a marvel. It features celebrated super groups that made commendable contributions to soul in the seventies. This year’s Valentine will be celebrated in the true color and intensity of love and romance. The 70’s Soul Jam Valentine’s Concert tickets will make fans revisit soul with a difference. Wrapped in the very classy veil of memorable hits of the era, the concert will be sung by none other than The Delfonics, The Stylistics, The Dramatics, The Temptations Review featuring Dennis Edwards, Main Ingredient featuring Cuba Gooding, The Manhattans, Blue Magic, New Birth and Enchantment.

Reviews and fans anticipate the event to be a positive step towards rejuvenating the long lost soul of soul that brought forth one of the most melodious and romantic song and dance. The show is scheduled to be performed in a way that it really pays homage to soul music, in its golden period. It is scheduled to begin with all time favorite Philly soul favorite The Stylistics. This soul outfit was a real seventies soul group that enjoyed substantial success since its debut in 1971. The Stylistics rode airwaves for good three years topping charts with numerous hits. This show provides an opportunity to see them singing their same old sweetest symphonies. Their super smooth ballads will be one of the biggest attraction of the show. Watch them sing their most memorable hits; You Are Everything, Break Up to Make Up and You Make Me Feel Brand New, Betcha by Golly, Wow  and I’m Stone in Love With You.

Another feature of the 70’s Soul jam Valentine’s Concert is the Grammy winning band, The Temptations. Featuring Dennis Edwards, David Ruffin’s replacement; this vocalist is anticipated to be as classy as his predecessor. He is sure to cast a spell singing post and pre Classic 5 day hits like Cloud 9Papa Was a Rollin’ Stone. The Delfonics another Philadelphia soul effort from the same period remains as active as before. With four decades dedicated to soul, it has emerged as an icon. Renowned for various hit singles and albums the band also boasts of prestigious award wins like the Grammys. As per the present circuits, their live acts are highly regarded. Hits like La La Means I Love You, You Get Yours, I’ll Get Mine, I’m Sorry, Ready of Not and Didn't I are their identity. They will carry this identity to the show and hope to show if off rightfully.Main Ingredient a Harlem born act will hit stage with the theatrical delivery of vocals of Cuba Gooding and will play their most memorable hit Everybody Plays the Fool.

Detroit’s Enchantment, is another feature band of this concert. It rose to success with mega monster hits Sunshine, Gloria, It's You that I Need and Once Upon a Dream. It will also showcase their powerful yet comforting contributions to soul. The Dramatics, another band from Detroit became a popular act that bagged an RIAA Gold for Whatcha See Is Watcha Get and let Soul Train become a feature of Hollywood soundtracks. They will treat the fans with the glitz and glamour of movie music.The Manhattans are as grand as before. They were awarded and proved themselves the most promising soul artists of their time. Blue Magic’s Philly soul was a huge success of the time, delivering disco and soul train in a row. It managed few Gold certifications and is ready to rock the show. The New Birth from Detroit is also a part of this show. It claimed hits on commercial charts and loaded radio waves s. However, its live marks remained it forte that will be unveiled in the 70’s Soul Jam Valentine’s Concert. The 70’s Soul Jam Valentine’s Concert tickets promise soul and music fans an exciting journey that becomes unforgettable.

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