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New Edition K-Ci JoJo tickets bring a legendary iconic band and an R&B duo together. New Edition K-Ci JoJo tickets present a collaborative effort of the sensational teen pop dance band cum New Jack Swing star with he core R&B team of K-Ci and JoJo. New Edition K-Ci JoJo will surely be a treat for contemporary urban soul music fans. New Edition the band and the K-Ci JoJo duo can be sensed to form a dynamic trio. Together they will shape up urban contemporary soul with a very edgy R&B. Both enjoy sound reputation of excellence in their respective genrew and are ready hit stage and perform one on one and as a team.

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About New Edition K Ci JoJo

New Edition a 1978 Dance Pop outfit came into existence and set foundation for teen pop and dance. This band instigated a momentum that lead to creation of look and sound alike bands New Kids on the Block and Boyz II Men. Their maturity and transformation paved way for the development of the boy band culture. This culture gave rise to names like Boy Zone Back Street Boys, N Sync etc. Their influence however moved from the white teeny pop dance to the confined of more mature adult Afro-American inspired genres of R&B, hip hop soul and then new swing jack. Their start and then the eighties saw them becoming a sensation in mainstream dance and pop music.
First in line was Candy Girl (1983) that brought became wonder hits of the time. It helped the band craft five great commercial successes one after the other. From New Edition (1984) to All for Love (1985), Under the Blue Moon (1986) and Heart Break (1988), the band enjoyed stardom and huge fanfare. A split and hiatus from 1990 to 1995 took the band members on solo journeys. They came back in 2003, stronger and clearer than before. An influx of hits albums and single from the contemporaries retracted their approach and the band geared towards softer yet energetic and melodious zing of New Swing Jack.
From Home Again (1997) the first reunion effort to One Love (2004), the band discovered their music in a new way. In 2008 they released Candy Girl 25th Anniversary Edition (2008) that reunited for good in 2011 to hold New Edition’s 30th anniversary celebration of their success story Candy Girl. They have collaborated with names Keith Sweat, LSG and Heads of State. The conjunction of New Edition K-Ci JoJo will be an interesting one; offering an additional dimension of stylized  R&B to New Edition’s music.
K-Ci or Cedric Hailey and JoJo Joel Hailey came together as Jodeci. They became affiliated with named like DeVante Swing and Dalvin , hence cemented themselves as a chart topping band. However K-Ci and JoJo's became a duo in 1994. Their first team wok was a How Could You OST Bulletproof. Later that year K-Ci and JoJo collaborated with 2Pac and took off his R&B hit  How Do U Want It to peak as number one on the Billboard Hot 100. Love Always (1997) was their first full length studio album featuring tracks You Bring Me Up, Last Night's Letter and All My Life. All My Life became a phenomenal hit that inspired the duo through and though. I Care 'Bout You from the album made it to Soul Food ‘s OST; making the album reach record sales of four million copies. Life (1999) was an R Kelly production that too became a part of OST of the movie Life. 

K-Ci and JoJo’s second studio release It's Real (1999) was again a hit. Reaching Billboard 200 and topped R&B chars, it went on to become an RIAA platinum certified album. The album gained fame and recognition on the international scale, reaching international charts with an all time R&B favourite hit Tell Me It's Real. A year later and hit charts with Crazy from OST of Save the Last Dance soundtrack that too peaked the Billboard Top 100. Emotional (2002) and All My Life: Greatest Hits Album (2005) 20th Century Masters-Millennium Collection: The Best of K-Ci & JoJo (2006) and Ballad Collection for Lovers (2007) also came as a treat for the fans and following. K-Ci and JoJo have been showcasing R&B as a pair and individually. K-Ci inaugurated with a cover for If You Think You're Lonely Now by Bobby Womack and in 2006 released My Book, his freshman work. With  Love (2008) and compilation effort Playlist Your Way (2008),  the duo came back to display their new found love of digital symphonies in R&B.

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