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Mary J Blige is a songwriter, singer, actress and record producer who has established her credibility in the mainstream music industry due to her outstanding talent. She began her career in music in the year 1992 by releasing her first album titled What’s the 411? under the banner of MCA Records and Uptown. After her first release there was no looking back for this musician. All her initial ten albums were a hit and earned top positions on the charts. My Life was the second album she released and it became her best ever compilation according to Rolling Stone and Vibe.

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About Mary J Blige Dangelo

Her work gave a new dimension to the hip hop and soul music and for this she was appreciated greatly. She has made records that are hard to break. Blige has sold more than fifty million albums and fifteen million songs throughout the world. In the year 2001 she released an album titled No More Drama in collaboration with MCA Records. Family Affair was a song from the album that did wonders on the chart and won first position on the Billboard Hot 100. She has also performed with a lot of other singers and such collaborations have always been very fruitful. This year once again she is performing live with D'Angelo in the Mary J Blige D'Angelo showGrowing Pains was yet another hit album by Blige that was released in 2007. It won second position on the Billboard 200 and sold more than six hundred and twenty nine thousand copies in the first week after its release. After a week it jumped onto number one slot on the charts.
D'Angelo, whose real name is Michael Eugene Arche was born in the year 1974. He is neo-soul singer- songwriter, record producer and multi-instrumentalist. He is a multitalented artist and his versatility is what makes him different from his contemporaries. After releasing a demo tape people started to recognize him and he was offered a contract by EMI Records in 1991. He signed the contract and released the song U Will Know which became the soundtrack of the motion picture Black Men United. Immediately after the release of this sound track he started working on his first album. Brown Sugar was the name of his debut album that was released in 1995. This album did not prove to be an instant hit but with the passage of time the sales grew and it won tenth position on the Billboard Hot 100 charts. It also won platinum certification from the Recording Industry Association of America. With such great music Mary J Blige D'Angelo event will be the most exciting show of the year.
In 2000 D'Angelo was able to release his second album Voodo under the banner of Virgin Records. It secured first position on the charts and also won a Grammy award. Untitled (How Does it Feel) was the second song from the album that caught the attention of everyone and became a R&B hit. It was followed by a music video that won four nominations at the MTV Video Music Awards. Mary J Blige D'Angelo will prove to be one of the biggest shows in town. Deals like cheap Mary J Blige D'Angelo tickets are available for you so that you can watch these two musicians at their best without having to worry about putting too much pressure on yourself. Both these artists are famous for creating a memorable event and this time the celebrations will be even bigger.
If you want to see for yourself the wonders these two artists are capable of creating on stage then Mary J Blige D'Angelo tickets are a must for you.

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