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Popularly known as the “tik tok party girl”, Kesha is the rising pop star of the music industry. Kesha’s latest tracks have topped the Billboard and are played on every dance floor. She is an American singer-songwriter who originated from Nashville, Tennessee. Having a mother who wrote songs for artists made Kesha familiar with music and composing at a very young age, she had the advantage of visiting music studios with her mother and this encouraged her to sing.  

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Kesha began to play the piano and the guitar at an early age; with help from her mother she created outstanding lyrics and songs. She began singing as a background vocalist in songs for famous stars such as Flo Rida and Paris Hilton. Apart from the singing, Kesha also appeared in many dance videos such as in Katy Perry’s “I kissed a girl” music video. It wasn’t till 2009 when she got her big break, discovered by Dr Luke, this young singer signed a record deal with RCA Records.
Kesha’s songs are considered to be as hip hop tracks with elements of electro pop. Her albums received a huge success on their release. Singles such as “blow” and “we r who we r” established the rock party image of Kesha and made her an icon. She went to the top of the music charts in many countries including South East Asia and Europe. With her unique rugged party style music, Kesha has attracted huge audiences. Her music is energetic and leaves the crowd partying all night long. So watch her perform live, get your Kesha Columbus Tickets now.