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His name says it all. John Legend, the 9 times Grammy Award winning singer is scheduled to perform live in your very own city. He is just 33 years old and in such a short career span, the artist has achieved more than his fellow musicians in the industry. He just doesn’t have a lovely voice; in fact, he is also known for his outstanding songwriting abilities. The depth of his lyrics has touched the hearts of his listeners and has impressed the critics. Today he is righfully inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame alongside some of the biggest names of the music industry. In the past 11 years of his career, John Legend has been associated with several other artists on various projects. Some of them consist of Eminem, Lupe Fiasco, Jay Z, The Roots and Kanye West. You can now be an eyewitness of his amazing talents by getting your cheap John Legend Upper Darby tickets.

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He came with a bang with his debut album, ‘Get Lifted’ back in the year 2004. The album went gold in three countries and multi-platinum in one. Till date all four of his studio albums have received outstanding reviews from the music critics. Now he has planned to release a new record with the title ‘Love in the Future’. If you want a sneak peek, get your John Legend Upper Darby tickets today.