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Music as an art-form has thick themes running through each song, artfully emphasized upon by the intonations of the vocalist. Expand that idea of connecting themes to an album, & one sees some of history’s greatest artists delve into concept albums. These albums have a single core running through the entire palette of songs in the piece, with issues such as racism, political tension, science fiction & inequity highlighted.

About Janelle Monae Tickets

Pink Floyd’s The Dark Side of the Moon, officially the third highest-selling album of all time, is considered the godfather of concept albums, but recently quite a few bands have taken to the idea. And the fact that Janelle Monae is no experienced singer & takes a huge risk on her debut album makes its success even more astounding. Monae has seen praise fly in from every direction for her vocal command & versatility on the futuristic science fiction themed album The ArchAndroid (Suites I & II). It is all the singer deserves for sticking to her guns & adding a fresh perspective. With three Grammy nominations under her belt, the afro-punk, R&B and soul singer is warming nicely to the rigors of the industry, & fans will be keeping an eye on Janelle Monae tickets over the coming months.
Monae’s music is an extension of the growing influence of Afro-American culture & afro-punk on the music of today. There are influences of 60s soul & 80s R&B in her music as well. Monae was born as Janelle Monae Robinson in 1985 in Kansas City, Kansas. Her love for science fiction & futuristic ideas was started by the film The Wizard of Oz. She moved to New York to study theater in the American Musical & Dramatic Academy, & eyed up a career on Broadway. She abandoned the idea soon to move into music, shifting to Atlanta where she met OutKast rapper Big Boi. Monae helped establish the Wondaland Arts Society for experimental & bold artists. Using the platform she was able to channelize her ideas, but bigger surprises were to follow when her performances caught the eye of famed singer & record executive Sean “P. Diddy” Combs, a friend of Big Boi. Combs took to her unconventional ideas & super-confident demeanor straightaway, plotting her career as she scored hits off her collaboration on OutKast’s album Idlewild. In 2007, Monae’s conceptual solo release Metropolis: Suite I (The Chase) was made available for download, & it was intended to be one of four on the same theme of a futuristic android community suffering from class distinction. Combs signed her to Bad Boy Records, & reproduced it as the EP Metropolis: The Chase Suite (Special Edition) with two new tracks in August 2008. Monae started touring, opening for bands & slowly getting more visibility through its success. In May 2010, she continued with her futuristic theme, employing the next two “suites” of her concept in the debut album The ArchAndroid. The album was a huge success, as Monae’s spellbinding vocals & versatility charmed everyone. She earned a standing ovation for a performance in the Grammys, & her star is surely on the rise.
Her contribution to songs like “Call the Law” from OutKast got tongues wagging earlier, but it was Metropolis: The Chase Suite that made the big impact. The plotline revolves around her alter-ego, Cindi Mayweather, an android who is forced into hiding running from the law for committing the crime of falling in love with a human. Like fantasy-heavy pop legend David Bowie, Monae superimposed current inequities & social conflicts into the futuristic setting perfectly. “Many Moons” won a Grammy nomination, while her cover of Charlie Chaplin’s “Smile” won plaudits. The ArchAndroid expanded the story of Mayweather on angles of love, identity & self-realization. It was solid on the charts (#17), with 141,000 copies sold & hits in the form of “Tightrope”& “Cold War”. It also received two Grammy nominations.
Janelle Monae tickets are hot on the market in view of her recent performances. Her band has won great accolades, & she has varied her vocal range commendably on various numbers. Monae received a standing ovation for her Grammy performance with B.o.B & Bruno Mars, & she looks set to continue with concerts in New York, Boston & Camden.
Monae is only one album old, yet displays the maturity of veterans on her tracks. Her vocal control is unbelievable, & perfectly complements the bold concept-based outline. Music buffs will be out in search of Janelle Monae tickets for a rousing experience.