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Brian McKnight is a multitalented musician. Not only can the man play nine different instruments, which include piano, bass guitar, guitar, percussions, drums, trombone, flugelhorn, tuba and the trumpet, he is also a singer-songwriter, producer, arranger and an overall R n B legend. With nine studio albums, first hitting the scene in 1992, Brian has been into music since his early childhood and has a long association with the church music. So much so, that he and his older brothers formed a gospel quartet when they were younger. Brian is very well loved by his fans and he is known internationally as a great musician and singer with true talent. He has been nominated for sixteen Grammy Awards, and has been nominated at the BETs, The American Music Awards, Image Awards, MTV Music Awards and Soul Train Awards.

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Having a long and productive career is not easy, not with newer and newer acts coming out each year, but Brian has now been a prominent presence on the music scene for more than two decades now which is obviously an impressive achievement. His most famous tracks include Remember the Magic (for Disney’s 25th Anniversary) Shoulda Coulda Woulda, Still, Back At One, The Only One for Me, What We Do Here and All The Way. We are offering the best deals for Brian McKnight North Myrtle Beach Tickets. Book your tickets today to enjoy this event and this artist’s amazing performance. It will be a great event for both family and friends.