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Anita Baker is a songwriter and singer, who started her career with the “punk funk” band, Chapter 8. She was the band’s lead singer having a unique high note alto voice. She later separated herself from the band and went on to release her own album, ‘The Songstress’ in 1983. What got her famous was the album she released three years later, ‘Rapture’. The album included the song “Sweet to Love” which won her the first of her eight Grammys. She then came out with five Platinum and two Gold albums. Following this success, Anita Baker tickets became a hot selling item.

About Anita Baker

After Anita Baker’s mother passed away when she was only two years old, she was taken in by a foster family in Detroit. Unfortunately her foster parents too died ten years later and she was then brought up by her step-sister. By the age of 16, Baker had started taking interest in music. She would start singing R&B in night clubs until it became a hobby. She was finally noticed by David Washington, who saw her potential and admired it. He invited her to the auditions of the funk band, Chapter 8.
Anita Baker was successful in her audition and finally became a member of the band in 1975. The band toured non-top until finally their efforts paid off and they made deal with Ariola Record. They recorded the band’s most famous tracks such as “Ready for Your Love’ and “I Just Want to Be Your Girl” under this record company.  After the record company was acquired by Arista Record in 1979, they dismissed Baker along with the band, telling her she did not possess the true potential needed for the role of a lead singer.
Baker, who was now contract less, returned to Detroit to resume her normal mundane lifestyle. She was saddened by her dismissal and left music as a result. She got a job as a waitress which continued for three years. In 1982, she received a call from an old friend, Otis Smith who was a part of Ariola. He convinced Baker to make her comeback in music, following which she recorded and released “The Songstress” in 1983.
The album was a success as it reached number five on the R&B charts with its popular singles “No More Tears”, “Angel” and “You Are the Best Thing Yet”. Anita Baker’s success seemed to end there as she did not receive any royalties for her work. She decided to leave the label as she had now somewhat established herself and the record label was not helping her career. She signed with Warner Music Group and started working hard on her next album, but this time she was allowed to have full creativity. She then collaborated with the old band mate, Michael J. Powel to compose music alongside her.
Anita Baker released the album “Rapture” in in March 1986. The song “Watch Your Step” gained popularity but her most successful song was “Sweet Love” which hit the charts at number 8 on the Billboard Hot 100. It also made it to the UK music charts.  Three singles were released as well which were “Caught Up in the Rapture”, “No One in the World “ and “Same Ole Love”. Anita Baker tickets sales skyrocketed as she promoted the album through tours. Her first headline tour “A Night of Rapture” was a massive hit. Anita Baker is once again ready to take the live stage and will be performing in a series of summer concerts. Her countless fans are making the most of cheap Anita Baker tickets and are excited to catch the diva live. don’t miss the concert for anything.