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Led Zeppelin was the only inspiration behind the creation of the band Zoso that emerged in the music scene in 1995. With the most accurate and truly mesmerizing spirit of the band of 1970’s Zoso was successful in recreating the playing styles and appearance of Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, John Paul Jones and John Bonham. In a short time regional repute was developed and thus they were applauded by Rock City News as Best Tribute Act in California. This was surely nothing less than a matter of immense pride that such awards were given to them as a mark of appreciation of their talent.

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Events Venue Location Date Price Tickets
Zoso - Led Zeppelin Tribute Band Newport Music Hall Columbus Friday
9/29/2017 7:00 PM
$30.00 Buy
Zoso - Led Zeppelin Tribute Band The Maryland Theatre Hagerstown Saturday
9/30/2017 7:30 PM
$56.00 Buy
Zoso - Led Zeppelin Tribute Band Kentucky Center - Bomhard Theatre Louisville Friday
10/6/2017 8:00 PM
$51.00 Buy
Zoso - Led Zeppelin Tribute Band City Winery - Nashville Nashville Saturday
10/21/2017 7:00 PM
$56.00 Buy
Zoso - The Ultimate Led Zeppelin Experience Akron Civic Theatre Akron Saturday
2/3/2018 8:00 PM
$45.00 Buy

About Zoso

In 1999, Zoso began to interact with the public and thus toured internationally. They hit the mark of 2400 live performances which was surely not an easy task. They pleased the beat lovers by presenting their acts not just musically but visually too which turned quite rewarding in North America. Some of the key factors of paying attention to details, music ability and the vigor with which the music is played all added to the critical acclaim, large fan following and recognition hard to forget. The artistic ability and the professionalism in the members earned them compliments hard to ignore. The Los Angeles Times regarded the group as” head and shoulders above all other Zeppelin tributes.” Chicago Sun-Times also declared it to be” the closest to the original of any tribute.”

The band is claimed by many as the “Hammer of the Gods” and the phenomenal performance is hard to forget and a great renewal of Zeppelin. With the average of 150-180 high profile concerts the band gives unforgettable performances in festivals, theatres, concerts and universities. The band has been working with Live Nation since 2004 and has included a rotation of 9 House of Blues venues. With bass, keyboards, truly authentic vintage instruments, guitar, vocals, a mesmerizing stage persona with a distinct Zeppelin sound all recreate the magical and mysterious Zeppelin concert. The songs performed with their sets and props add to the love of the fans that support and follow Zeppelin from generations.

Presently comprising of Matt Jernigan, John McDaniel, Adam Sandling and Greg Thompson, each member is the exact reflection of Led Zeppelin member in looks, acts and voice. People follow them madly through their website and events thus pour in like a big storm of love. Those who attend their show even once claim to say that now they have seen Zeppelin. With the passage of time Zoso made its name in the industry as the most amazing tribute band ever. Their performance is so real that it gets hard to resist them once you get the chance to attend their show. The band is claimed to be a spot on effort with the mesmerizing ability to take the breath away and amaze the Zeppelin lovers for sure.

The trend to pay tribute to top bands is nothing new. The commitment and intense passion is what it takes to present the exact replica of the band. Zoso tickets can be a perfect gift of the New Year as nothing can start the New Year better than the magical and immaculate performance by Zoso. Gather your loved ones, friends and family to experience the ultimate music of 70’s with its aura recreated like anything. The display and passion, intense attention to detail and music ability is all that makes the Zeppelin experience so special. Cheap Zoso tickets can be a double treat as the show is worth attending and not to be missed as it truly instills you to be the part of it next season too. Stay connected to relive the grand performance of the band like you could have ever imagined. The tribute band is committed to impress you and transport you to the real Zeppelin concert of 1970’s. So get ready to experience the show you have seen in a lifetime.

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