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‘Mr Entertainment’, as the music industry calls him; Wayne Newton has an acting and singing career of over four decades. From sixties to date, quality music has been his identity. Songs like Danke Schoen, Red Roses for a Blue Lady, Years and Daddy, Don’t You Walk So Fast have ranked him among the top five artists on the Billboard Charts. Newton’s live performances are known to be full of laughs and fun, and this year, your town will play host to him.

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Wayne Newton

Events Venue Location Date Tickets
Wayne Newton Windows at Bally's Las Vegas Las Vegas Monday
10/30/2017 8:00 PM
Wayne Newton Windows at Bally's Las Vegas Las Vegas Tuesday
10/31/2017 8:00 PM
Wayne Newton Windows at Bally's Las Vegas Las Vegas Wednesday
11/1/2017 8:00 PM
Wayne Newton River City Casino St. Louis Friday
11/3/2017 8:00 PM
Wayne Newton Arcada Theatre Saint Charles Sunday
11/5/2017 3:00 PM

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About Wayne Newton

Wayne Newton started learning to play piano and guitar at an early age as a hobby. It didn’t take much long for the hobby to be transformed into a passion and then a professional career. The artist started to make public appearances with his brother and the Grand Ole Opry road show was his first platform to get the initial exposure. It was then followed by his participation in a number of contests. Confident enough of his talent, Newton, still a child, began singing in theatres and local clubs along with his brother. Since he was continuing with his studies side by side, Newton changed stations and of them all, Arizona proved to be the lucky one for him in the early fifties. The artist got a contract by a Las Vegas agent, who signed the Newton brothers for five years. They conducted six shows a day and this was the formal start of Wayne Newton’s career. Soon it was followed by a performance in Jackie Gleason Show and this was the point from where he earned national recognition. Since this was just the beginning, the artist needed a little support to be sure about the direction of his career and was lucky enough to get that from the entertainment icons of the industry including the Bobby Darin, Danny Thomas and Jack Benny. It has been forty years now since he is in the field and by now has established an identity for himself. Apart from live concerts, shows like ‘Dancing With The Stars’ and the ‘Price Is Right’ have also featured him.
Wayne Newton has highlighted each era of his music career with unforgettable singles. Songs like Shirl Girl, Only You, All the Time and Lady Lay are some of his hits that have been appreciated by audiences from around the world. The artist has rocked the Top Ten US and UK Charts and has received positive reviews from the critics as well. His fan following is huge which makes his live shows to be crowded with audiences and hence sold out venues is another common feature of the artist’s concerts. The specialty of his performances is not just music but also his ability to put a smile on people’s faces. Thus the purchase of Wayne Newton tickets for his concerts is actually opting for a complete entertainment package.
Apart from being known as Mr. Entertainment, Newton is also known as Mr. Las Vegas. By the mid nineties, he had conducted over 25000 concerts in the region and was heading out for more. It has been more than a decade since that time and the stats for his number of performances have changed as well. The artist’s name is not just associated with music but also he has appeared in a number of movies such as The Night of the Running Man, The Dark Backward, Whose Your Daddy and others. Also, a number of television shows credit the artist’s profile and they include My Wife and Kids, Here’s Lucy, That 70’s Show and others.
Wayne Newton’s upcoming performance will be a flashback of all the hits from the start of his career to date. His wit and humor is an added attraction that will bring life to the concert. The event is open to audiences of all ages and also the offer to get cheap Wayne Newton tickets is available for everyone. So hurry and grab yours before it is too late!

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