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The Northeastern Irish singer and songwriter; Van Morrison is on fire with his latest series of concerts. His transcendental live performances have the power to fixate anybody in it its aura. He has been in the business since 1958 and there is no one to come any close to his talent. He is known for singing rhythm & blues, folk, blue-eyed soul, Celtic, rock & roll, jazz and country music. The sound of his music echoes musical instruments like the guitar, harmonica, saxophones, keyboards, drums, tambourine and ukulele.

About Van Morrison

Van the man, has been singing for half of a century and has released thirty three albums. He has also recorded six compilation and live albums. His over seventy singles has been iconic in the history of music. His studio albums "Astral Weeks" and "Moondance" has been considered as the greatest albums ever produced. His Live album "It is too Late to Stop Now" has been one his most celebrated works .He is a multifaceted artist exceptionally acknowledged as a songwriter and musician.

Van Morrison has proven himself as a discernible artist of high caliber. Over his profound musical career he has won various awards including six Grammy awards. He has also been inducted in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as well as the Songwriters Hall of Fame. He is also been honored by Brit Award and Civil Award for his contribution in music. He is considered as an institution of music and songwriting in him, thus has been given honorary degrees in music and literature by Queen's University and University of Ulster respectively. He has been a great influence on a lot of music makers for his ingenious talent evident from his BMI Icon Award. His list of honors and recognition also include his name in a number list declaring him the greatest musician of all time. He is also in the Hollywood walk of fame.

His music style has been distinctive with its own unique character making him the head of the pack. His music has set the tone of various genres of music including rock and roll, jazz, rock, folk, instrumental, country, gospel ,traditional, skiffle, new age, classic ,spoken word, Irish folk and pop music. He has also created fusion like Celtic soul or Caledonian soul. His music may be diversified but he like to call himself a soul singer.

His distinct vocals makes him Van The man, He has the ability to create memorable moments through his emotive singing. His growl is one of the most influential and unusual kind of siging ever seen in rock music. His vocals that were flinty and tender in his youth have now matured giving him a wider range and power. The maturity of his voice has given him the ability to experiment more and cover a wider frame. Van Morrison is not just a great artist but an amazing songwriter as well. He has written hundred of songs in his musical life, creating masterpieces hovering around his freewheeling childhood in Belfast He has always write about what he believes in and thus a lot of his songs talk about the healing power of music.

The most striking and appeal characteristic of Van Morrison, as an artist, has been his originality. He does not sound like anyone else but himself. He has been the legend of Rock and roll with utmost respect and admiration form the musical circles. Musical historians can't get to praise him enough for his musical genius. His live performances are a true reflection of his inspirational singing. His live performances are known for their spontaneity, there is an unobtrusive flow of energy between him and his band. The best part of his performances is that he believes in Jazz improvisational technique. So a song will sound like before giving the audience a rush of what lies ahead. To be a part of this musical experience, get your Van Morrison tickets now!