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The year was 1972, when one of the most prolific American rock n roll band took the stage for the very first time. Since their first performance, this band has mesmerized its audiences with countless chart topping singles and has transformed into one of the most successful collaborations on the American music history. Brothers Eddie and Alex Van Halen supported by Mark Stone laid foundation to a musical franchise that has been enjoyed by generations and adored by millions around the world. The band's history and passion for performance is one of the countless reasons for Van Halen Sunrise tickets to be extremely popular amongst its loyal fans.

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About Van Halen Sunrise Tickets

A band’s longevity can be attributed to its performances and its ability to produce timeless music over and over again. Van Halen has done just that, with a career spanning four decades this band has been able to evolve and entertain without leaving its roots all at the same time. Considered to be true legends, Van Halen was inducted into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame in 2007. With this induction they joined the ranks of Beatles, Elvis Presley and Rolling Stones.
Van Halen performances have always been legendary and extravagant. It is the one of those rare music bands on the American music scene which has the ability and music to entertain every age group. Cheap Van Halen Sunrise tickets will be in huge demand as the city gets ready to host one of the biggest rock n roll performances ever.