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One of the most amazing rock bands of not only this generation but of all time is out on tour to give fans a doze of their hard hitting music at the Van Halen San Diego event. Van Halen has created its name as a legendary rock band for the best part of forty years. It’s a staggering achievement by an unbelievable group and Van Halen San Diego tickets are available for everyone who wants to be a part of their latest performance.

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About Van Halen San Diego Tickets

They started off with small gigs at local LA clubs. That all changed when they made their debut with their first self-titled album in 1978. It was an unprecedented success with millions of copies being sold world wide. A lot of people still regard that album as the catalyst that brought hard rock to the masses. Van Halen have gone from strength to strength since then, breaking and setting numerous records along the way. They are also proud inductees of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and winner of numerous other accolades.
Van Halen has transcended conventional rock boundaries and turned the genre on its head. They are not only one of the pioneers who brought rock to the main stream but also one of the biggest reasons rock has evolved into a phenomenon. Van Halen San Diego promises to be a special event. Every rock fan should grab cheap Van Halen San Diego tickets to be a part of another rocking performance by this legendary group.