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Music world boasts of many musicians who have redefined genres and made room for improvisation. Van Halen is definitely one of them. Maestros of hard rock and heavy metal music, the band bended the rules for rock guitar, with the frontman Eddie Van Halen playing a very important role. He effectively introduced variations in electric guitar playing techniques and experimented by strumming swiftly and mixing it with two-handed tapping. His versatile style created astounding sounds that were somewhat similar to that of animals and machines. At Van Halen Philadelphia concert you can witness this on your own.

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While Eddie was polishing his own skills, he was joined by David Lee Roth, a rock vocalist who till dates remains one of the best. The depth in his vocals and ability to pitch his voice to the maximum level has stunned many. Van Halen has seen many of its members come and go, all of whom have contributed to the band’s success. The current lineup includes Eddie and David along with Alex Van Halen and Wolfgang Van Halen. With cheap Van Halen Philadelphia tickets available at our site, you can now catch the quartet setting the stage ablaze.
The four-piece will soon be treating their countless fans with their upcoming album, “A Different Kind of Truth”. A promotional tour is already underway and the band is expected to rock singles from it. Seeing Van Halen perform live is a lifetime opportunity, one that you can avail with your Van Halen Philadelphia tickets. Don’t miss it for anything.