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When it comes to entertainment and fun, the city of Las Vegas in the state of Nevada is the best destination all over the world. It is the capital of entertainment in America just as Washington DC is the capital of political America and New York City the capital of cultural America. It is therefore the perfect host for one of the most anticipated hard rock performances such as the Van Halen Las Vegas performance. This is a performance that stars a band that made hard rock what it is today; Van Halen. This Californian band has entered the history books as one of the greatest American rock bands, something proven time and again by over eighty million albums sold. When it comes to live performances, this is a band that has fans running to grab Van Halen Las Vegas tickets for it is a band that set the world record for the highest paid live performance. This was a feat Van Halen achieved way back in 1983 during the US Festival.

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Van Halen Las Vegas is a hard rock performance that is part of the several shows performed by the hard rock legend. This show is bound to be even more unique as it is set to occur at a time when the newest Van Halen album after fourteen years is released. In fact, Van Halen Las Vegas tickets 2017 are passes to catch this Grammy Award winning band perform its newest music live, on stage.