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They are the music maestros, the pop sensation, and the band that rules the world of modern music! Yes, U2 is coming to Oakland with its music to give you an experience surely out of this world! The Irish band formed in 1976 at the Mount Temple Comprehensive School, Dublin was a result of a student Larry Mullen’s note on school notice board when he was looking for musicians, and was joined by 5 youngsters from the school. Initially chosen name Feedback was later changed to U2, as they liked the ambiguity in this name. After some reconfiguration, the present band consists of Bono (Paul Hewson) as lead vocalist and guitarist, The Edge (David Evans) on guitar and vocals, Larry Mullen Jr. on drums and percussion, and Adam Clayton on bass guitar.

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Bono took the lead very early from Mullen, making the band a success. Within 4 years of formation, they released their first album named Boy. The band’s success story continued with their increasing popularity owing to hits like, The Joshua Tree (1987), Achtung Baby (1991) and All that you can’t leave behind (2000). U2 has been a consistently popular group, winning 22 Grammy’s, and is one of the best selling group in popular music, selling more than 150 million music records. They are included in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2005, and rated 22nd in the Rolling stone’s 100 greatest artists of all times. For all the music lovers across the country, U2 Oakland tickets offer a chance of being a part of an ultimate musical experience.