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There are a lot of talented musicians around the world that many of us never get to hear about. However with the increasing connectivity across a global scale that advances such as the internet have brought about there is a massive increase in the flow of information that circulates on the web. The media has and is acting a very useful propagator for the music industry the same way as it does for countless others. With the ease of access and usability of the internet it has become the fastest way of popularizing songs and albums for artists and bands anywhere in the world. This has especially been the case with the mass use of the iTunes software among others as a primary tool for downloading music straight into iPods. Hence we get exposed to music and artists from all around the world and this building of an international fan base is what every artist and band hopes to achieve for this represents not only true stardom but a satisfaction that their music transcends barriers and reaches out to people all over the world. Tina Dico tickets will give you a chance to see one such promising and talented artist perform live and enthrall you with her music.

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About Tina Dico

Tina Dico is a singer from Denmark and tours regularly to promote her music. For fans and all those interested to watch her perform live can also get their hands on cheap Tina Dico tickets which may be found online. Inspired by musical greats such as Bob Dylan and Tracy Chapman this exciting artist is not a stranger to fame as she already has massive popularity in her home country and has also been enjoying immense success across all of Europe.
The artist started her foray into music with entering and winning two local Danish talent competitions with a band comprising of former members of the Danish outfit “Fester Kester”. The band recorded and released a song titled “Your Waste of Time” which received much airplay on the radio and the Danish National Radio picked it as the “Song of the Week”.  The band toured the country for sometime after embarking on an international tour comprising of performances in Norway and Sweden.  During this time Tina Dico formed her own record label titled ‘Finest Gramophone” and released her first album “Fuel” through her own label. The album did successfully enough to give both fans and critics alike the impression of immense talent that she possessed. Tickets to her concerts are hence a great buy for fans and those new to her music alike as her live performances will demonstrate the talent and appeal she possesses.
Tina Dico got her breakthrough in international recognition after moving to England. There she collaborated on the song “Send My best” with famous Australian singer Holly Valance in 2005. She also released her second album “Notes” which won the Danish Music Critics Award for two categories namely “Songwriter of the year” and “Composer of the Year”. This boosted the budding artist’s credentials as a singer and songwriter. It also led her to the largest international tour so far which had her perform for the first time in Asia and the United States.  She also performed at the famous Glastonbury Festival and the Roskilde festival.
Her next album title “In the Red” also did modestly well and spawned a number of hits such as “Warm Sand” and “Nobody’s Man” which received particular attention from the radio channels. This album however turned to be her first to reach the number one spot on the Danish charts which was a huge boost for her. She received a number of awards including the “Singer of the Year” at the Danish Music Awards in 2006. In the same year she also released her first live album titled “Live in the Red”. Tina Dico tickets would give a chance for fans to hear songs from this album including others live in concert.
At present Tina Dico has released seven albums which have been very well received in both her home country and internationally. She has added to her growing list of awards as she has with to her popularity. Fans would do well to make of the opportunity to get cheap Tina Dico tickets now as she continues to tour to promote her music. 

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