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Tim Flannery, best known as one of the toughest men in professional baseball, is an incredibly talented songwriter, who has already released ten albums in only fifteen years. The player has made it to the World Series thrice, as a coach as well as a player, and has experienced what it is like to grip the World Series Trophy. At the same time he knows how to perform in packed venues all over the globe and then receive nominations for prestigious awards.

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About Tim Flannery

As a musician, he has gained considerable popularity as a legendary finger-style player of Americana music, who is particularly skilled at creating powerful tunes that resonate with the many, delivering high-energy live shows. He is fond of writing raw and core acoustic music that seems to strum right out from the heart of California and that too from the good old days of folk explosion in the Seventies. His most popular singles include Right or Wrong, Thousand Roads, Breakin’ Things, Climbing, The Restless Kind, Once an Angel, The Wayward Mind, Pilgrim, Cover Me, Love and Happiness, Scary Easy, Cold Lonesome Night,  Rolling, Telegraph Hill, One More Song, Kern River and The Wayward Wind. Tim Flannery tickets are a favorite treat among folk music fans who like his soft, nostalgia-spirited, reminiscing fuzzy melodies that warm up the core.
Tim Flannery’s dedication to music strikes hard as soon as baseball season comes to end so that the artist gets back to rehearsing, practicing, and writing songs. Since he has spent most of his life on the road, trying to find a balance between his career and creative inclinations with the love of his family, his material carries a certain emotional depth that can only come from dealing with solitude and loneliness. Alongside, come of his songs also reflect that gold-brown honey tan, which results from an energetic surfing session. His music has become a frequent on radio from all over the world, stretching all the way from the coast of California and its beach towns to the seashores of Ireland. In recent years, he has often been accompanied by an extraordinarily talented band that has only furthered his abilities as a performer. His voice as smooth as molten gold, coupled with lyrical expressions waving high and low on the seas of acoustic music, have made his live performances rich with texture and variation in emotional density. Flannery sings about everything from earthly experiences such as traveling and love, to more spiritual yearnings such as connecting with the One Above. And then most definitely, he sings a song or two about baseball.

Tim Flannery has been touring all over the USA and has even performed in distant places like Ireland. He is known to have played live with the likes of Jimmy Buffett, Dwight Yoakam, Judy Collins, Bonnie Raitt, Linda Ronstadt, Merle Haggard, Willie Nelson, Bruce Hornsby, and Jackson Browne. He has also worked alongside Jack Tempchin, Steve Poltz, Randi Driscoll, Berkley Heart, Eve Selis and several other San Diego artists. Among his many musician friends are pciker Dennis Caplinger, multi-instrumentalist Doug Pettibone, and accordion Sharon Whyte. His fans have dubbed his shows as Traveling Medicine Shows for their exceptional quality as feel-good events. The artist takes his venues very seriously and tries to book the type that fit his flavor of organic homegrown music. His albums include The Wayward Mind, Travelin’ Shoes, Highway Songs, The Wayward Wind, Ring Around the Sun, Kentucky Towns, Pieces of the Past and Friends Live, Looking Back and Secret Back.
Tim Flannery’s most recent record comprises of a colorful collection of stories gathered together over a couple of years, focusing on all that happened when he, along with his teammates, was released into the most adventurous journey yet. Get hold of some cheap Tim Flannery tickets, and be part of this one of a kind concert where the baseball wizard effortlessly manages to fly high and mighty into the world of Americana music.

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