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Formed in 1990s in Georgia, Third Day is a Christian and southern rock band that was formed by the former member, Billy Wilkins, lead vocalist, Mac Powell and the guitarist, Mark Lee. Later on, David Carr and Tai Anderson also joined the rock band as the drummer and bassist respectively. Mark Lee and Mac Powell were performing at Lee’s church in 1992 when they found David Carr and Tai Anderson play with the band, Bullard Family Singers on the same occasion. The duo exchanged their introductions and invited Carr and Anderson to join them. In 1993, the band began to play more aggressively, however; in the meanwhile, Billy Wilkins broke apart from the band since he was already working as a full-time school teacher. In 1995, the musicians went out to hunt one more guitarist and asked Brad Avery to appear for a trial. Avery was accepted as a new guitarist when he played Consuming Fire as part of his first rehearsal. The Consuming Fire video has also won Billboard Music Award for the Best Christian Video in 1996. 

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Slowly and gradually, the Third Day band began to play around the Southeast region. When performing at the Strand Theater in Georgia, the band received an opportunity to sign a contract with the Gray Dot Records and released the debut album, Third Day in 1996 that has sold more than three hundred thousand copies until now. The album has been received quite enthusiastically by the fans and critics and its song, Nothing at All has opened at number thirty four on the US Billboard rock charts. After the successful release of the debut album, the Christian pop rock band, Newsboys asked the Third Day band to open a few shows for them on the West Coast. Shortly afterwards, the Reunion Records took over the Grey Dot contract and renewed the band’s recording deal.

In 1997, the Third Day band began to work on its second album, Conspiracy No. 5 that have received a Grammy nomination and also a Dove Award in the category of Rock Album of the Year. In 1998, the band began to work on its new album, Time that was officially released in 1999. The band compiled thirty songs in total out of which only ten were chosen for the album but the remaining are still available in the EP Southern Tracks.  As the band headlined tours in different cities across US and other regions of the world, it realized that the worship element of the musical was gaining rising popularity. This encouraged the band to record and release an album titled Offerings: A Worship Album in the year 2000. The artists headlined one of their biggest concerts at the Hi-Fi Buys Amphitheater in Atlanta which attracted more than fifteen thousand attendees to the event. If you want to listen to the divine worship singles, you just have to pick Third Day tickets to lift up your spirits.

In 2001, the band released its fifth studio album, Come Together that reached a gold status in the following year. The album has also received a Grammy Award for Best Rock Gospel Album of the Year in 2002. In 2004, Third Day band released its album, Wire and after touring the US and Europe, the band recorded its concert at Louisville and released a live album titled Live Wire. In 2005, the band released its Grammy winning album, Wherever You Are. The next studio album, Revelation was released in July 2008 but before the official release of the album, Brad Avery left the band in February 2008.  In 2012, the band has headlined a Miracle Tour which is based on its 2012 studio album, Miracle. You can also catch the band live in a concert by getting your hands on cheap Third Day tickets.