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Back in the day, The Rascals were one of the most recognized blue-eyed soul bands in  the world. They were active between 1965 and 1972, during which they released numerous hit singles. Purchase Rascals tickets and watch them perform their greatest hits live. The original band consisted of the singer Eddie Brigati, guitarist Gene Cornish, keyboardist Feliz Cavaliere and drummer Dino Danelli.  They began performing in Garfield, New Jersey which is the hometown of Danelli and Brigati. David Brigati helped in the arrangement of vocal harmonies and contributed backing vocals to many of the early performances. They were signed by Atlantic Records after a few live performances which marked the beginning of their recording career.

About The Rascals Tickets

The Rascals released their debut single ‘I Ain’t Gonna Eat Out My Heart Anymore’ in 1965. It reached position #23 on music charts in Canada.  It was followed by the number 1 hit single ‘Good Lovin’. Their next number one hit was the song ‘Groovin’. Tracks released before ‘Groovin’ include ‘You Better Run’ and ‘Come On Up’ which also brought them moderate success.  Nearly all the songs produced after ‘Groovin’ were top 20 US hits. Most of the songs were number 1 hits in Canada and due to their popularity, the group established a strong fan following. Their second album ‘Once Upon A Dream’ released in 1968 reached position #9 on most album charts.
Their compilation album titled ‘Time Peace: The Rascals’ Greatest Hits’ was released in 1968. It debuted on top of the US album chart and became the best selling record of the group at that time. Their last number one US single was the song ‘People Got to Be Free’. The Rascals remained a top ten act in Canada for a number of years after the song. The singles produced by the band in 1968 and 1969 ranked amongst the US top 40. Most of them were top ten hits in Canada with which The Rascals continued to dominate the Canadian music industry.
The music band paid special attention to the R&B genre. Their use of dramatic vocals and energy packed drums gained a huge amount of recognition. They were particularly popular for these acts in the north-east US. Cornish and Brigati left The Rascals before the end of 1971 which made ‘Search and Nearness’ their last record  together. The lead vocals in the song ‘You Don’t Know’ were lent by Brigati. The Rascals released ‘Peaceful World’ and ‘The Island Of Real’ after the departure of the Brigati and Cornish. The albums featured jazz and gospel music which added variety to their music.
Brigati and Cavaliere started concentrating on their individual projects and released solo albums during the 1970s. Danelli and Cornish joined the band Bulldog and released two studio albums; one was released through MCA Records and the other through Buddah Records. The Rascals reunited for the Atlantic Records 40th Anniversary on May 14th, 1988. After the performance, the band members returned to their solo work and produced two The Rascals factions. The New Rascals which was represented by Cornish and Danelli went on tour and performed live.
Their latest tour called ‘The Rascals: Once Upon a Dream’ tour will be their first live appearance together as a band in over 40 years. The theatrical concert event will feature  the band’s original lineup.  It is directed and produced by Steven Van Zandt with lighting work by the famous Marc Brickman. The performance will be accompanied by a short view on the history of the music produced in the 1960s. The key moments of the band will be represented by stage actors during the performance. Be a part of ‘The Rascals: Once Upon a Dream’ tour by purchasing the The Rascals tickets. Watch them perform their greatest hits live and listen to the music that took the world by storm during the 1960s.