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An American rock band with commendable achievements including being inducted into the Hit Parade Hall of Fame, releasing four number one albums in a row, making a record of the longest stay at number one position for its debut album and a lot more, yes, it’s none other than The Monkees.

About The Monkees Tickets

The band stepped into the entertainment industry by giving music for an American Television Series ‘The Monkees’. The immense success got the musical quartet acknowledged amongst the producers, who commended the band’s efforts. The band’s music was said to be inspired from the legendary band ‘The Beatles’. The Monkees supported by Columbia Records started off with their promotional tours soon after the success of the television series and earned international recognition for its music.

The Monkees from the mid sixties to date have released eleven studio albums featuring incredible music. Its contributions to the pop rock and bubblegum genres have been phenomenal through decades. Its singles, ‘I am a Believer’, ‘(I am not) Stepping Stone’, ‘Daydream Believer’ and ‘Pleasant Valley Sunday’ became great hits and placed the band among the top 10 of that time. They made their presence known on international charts as well and were praised by the fans and critics alike.

Pursuing with the stage and the television performances side by side, the The Monkees have starred also started in a feature film ‘Head’. The movie though initially did not receive an amazing response but soon got acknowledged as a cult classic. With talented band members including Davy Jones, Mickey Dolenz and Peter Tork in the band since inception, The Monkees have faced many ups in downs courageously in its career through decades. The band’s fame graph declined at certain points, which triggered the need of incredible pieces of music by them. In its efforts, the band joined hands with renowned song writers including Hart and Boyce for its live shows. The collaboration brought up amazing soundtracks like ‘Listen to the band’ on the forefront, helping the band regain its position on the local and international charts. By continuing its efforts with the same pace, the era of mid eighties proved to be phenomenal for the band. By this time, it had seven of all the released albums ranked on top at the Billboard 200 Charts and was widely known as a band with an incredible fan following.

In forty years, since the release of its initial debut, The Monkees, by following different paths of creativity have built up immensely on their list of credentials. They were among the first artists to achieve maximum singles ranked at number 1 position in United States and United Kingdom simultaneously. Not only this, they were the first artists to win two Emmy Awards in appreciation of their music. Apart from this, rankings at top position on the Billboard 200 Chart were something quite usual for the band, since it happened after every release of an album.

The Monkees in all these years with its phenomenal music have won the hearts of millions of people worldwide. Four decades of astounding music has diversified their fan following immensely, making huge spectatorship statistic a permanent feature of its live performances. This year, the band is all set to make its first live performance of the decade. The concert is planned to feature all hit sound tracks spanning over a period of forty years. So the show would be a fine revival of the music ranging from the era of sixties to date. So guys, if you haven’t had a chance to be at the rocking concert of The Monkees in all these years of its musical career, well here is one! This special evening will unveil many special memories of the band members shared throughout their career along with amazing songs of the band. The Monkees Tickets for the event are already on sale! So rush off and get them before it’s too late.

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