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Formed in the city of East Kilbride situated in Glasgow, The Jesus and Mary Chain is a Scottish band that plays and composes music falling in the genre of alternative rock, noise pop and post-punk, all of which gained massive popularity into mainstream music during the 1970s and 1980s. The band was formed by two of the Reid brothers named William Reid and Jim Reid, who not only perform the songs but are also involved in the songwriting processes. During their first run as a band for around six years, though they released many popular albums and singles that gained popularity, the band became notorious for onstage fights during live concerts. This infighting led to the band splitting up in the year 1999, and they reunited again in the year 2007 and have been persistent ever since. If you are a loyal fan, you can see a live performance at an upcoming show, by purchasing cheap The Jesus and Mary Chain tickets.

About The Jesus and Mary Chain Tickets

The two Reid brothers got inspired to form their own band in the year 1977 due to their love for bands such as Sex Pistols, perhaps one of the most popular alternative rock bands of the 1970s. Though they wanted to create a band in the year 1977, it wasn’t until the year 1980 that they became an official band. At the time of its formation, the band was originally called The Poppy Seeds and then the name was changed to Death of Joey after which the band’s name was finally changed to The Jesus and Mary Chain. When asked why they chose this particular name, the brothers said that they read this offer of winning a Jesus and Mary chain made out of gold on a cereal box and that’s how the name came about.
By the year 1983, the band started writing their own songs and producing their records which they regularly sent to label companies. This was after they added two additional members to their band; Murray Dalglish playing drums and Douglas Hart on bass. Their early singles and records show major musical influences by The Stooges, The Velvet Underground and The Shangri-Las. Over the next few years, the band tried to get a hold of gigs and attain at least some attention from label companies. However, they were unable to do so and decided to move to the great city of London to try their luck as a band. It was there that the band experienced a change of luck and was able to sign with a recording company. You can also listen to the earliest hits by the band at an upcoming event by acquiring The Jesus and Mary Chain tickets today.
The very first recording deal that The Jesus and Mary Chain were able to get was through Alan McGee; a friend from Scotland who was in charge of the promotion of a gig in London. Creation Records was the labels name that signed the band and Alan McGee went on to becoming the manager of the band. Although after a few enraged performances that led to violence and riots the band was banned from performing at concerts, the band was able to sign a deal with Blanco y Negro records in the year 1985 after which they released their debut single named “Never Understand”.
Till the year 1998, The Jesus and Mary Chain were able to release six studio albums called “Psycho candy” released in the year 1985, Darklands in the year 1987, Automatic in the year 1989, Honey’s dead in the year 1992, Stoned and Dethroned in the year 1994 and lastly Munki in the year 1998. The band’s current member lineup is of five members with Jim and William Reid on vocals and guitar, Loz Colbert on drums, Phil King on bass and Mark Crozer on guitar. If you wish to see an up roaring performance by this notorious alternative rock band, what you need to do is get your hands on The Jesus and Mary Chain tickets now!