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If you are one of those music lovers who have always admired golden hits of past eras, then you have the opportunity to get yourself entertained live with the purchase of The Hit Men tickets! Get them as early as you can! The hottest cover band of New England, The Hit Men are all set to bring the musical essence of the sixties, seventies and eighties to life by performing the Golden hits of great musicians belonging to these eras. It will allow the audiences to relive the classic melodies that would make the event even more memorable.

About The Hitmen

The music industry is proud of its valuable gems that made the eras of 60s, 70s, and 80s worth remembering. During this period, artists like Tommy James and the Shondells and Frankie Vallie and the Four Seasons were amongst the big chart-busting groups that contributed with super hit singles that got woven in America’s consciousness and have been heard for generations. After decades, a few of the exceptionally talented artists of the music industry who were well versed in the group’s music hit upon the idea of getting together to form a band named The Hit Men. The industry regards it as a group of amazing performers, superior vocalists, superb musicians, creative composers and great arrangers. These musicians are the original artists that made the past musical eras memorable and since these artists have a 50-year old bonding, they share great chemistry on stage that makes their live concerts even more enjoyable. Their experience makes the coordination perfect that reflects when they grace the venue with their effortless performance.
The Hit Men were formed in the late seventies when Johnny and the Hit Men, a part time party band led by Johnny Kannis, the vocalist of Radio Birdman Master of Ceremonies along with its other members recorded three tracks with the Hellcats guitarist Charlie Georgees. They included Under the Broadwalk, King of the Surf, and Pushin Too Hard. Their success formalized things for the band even more and they included Chris Masauk in the band. This was followed by a number of demos and gigs, earning a huge fan following for the band. The passing years brought many changes in The Hit Men’s lineup. Its first guitar pop classic single “Didn’t Tell the Man” was released with the combined efforts of Tony Vidale, Mausauk, Gilbert and Mark Kingsmill. This was received positively by the audiences and encouraged it further to keep on making music in the same way. As Hit Men DTK, there have been three studio album releases including U.E.L.A, Moronic Inferno and Surfin’ in Another Direction. The band has released different types of music with the addition and subtraction of the greatest musicians in the industry. Its record of hits is no less than an asset for each genre and till now is loved by the audiences in the same way.
The Hit Men is known for giving thrilling live performances and it is the variety in their music that attracts the audiences to their concert. Undeniably spirited, the band not only leaves a lasting mark for pop, metal and rock music but also delights the entire generation of gig goers. It is the band’s music that has enforced the music industry to remark about it in words that history, destiny and good fortune conspire together to deliver the finest lineup of Hit Men since the early eighties. The band will once again revive the hits belonging to different genres of the sixties, seventies and eighties and will present to the audiences in a completely unique way. The upcoming concert will make you listen to hit singles that you have always admired but with a different mix of rhythms. Currently there is an offer to get cheap The Hit Men tickets by availing a discount deal. Fans are rushing to get them as early as possible. This is the best opportunity to avail the deal, so without wasting any more time, hurry and get The Hit Men tickets before they are all sold out!