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Excitement is high as the American rock band is coming to perform so make sure you have The Fray Noblesville tickets with you. The alternative rock band based in Denver gained commercial success with its debut album titled How to Save a Life. The piano driven melodies gained a lot of appreciation from the fans. The album’s two singles Over My Head and How to Save a Life took the album up on the charts. With the success of the two big hits the band gained international recognition. Following its success, came the second self-titled album in 2009. It is also the album that got them nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Pop Vocal Album in 2010.

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Considering the fact that the band came together only in 2002 and released their debut album in 2005, they certainly have come a long way. The Fray made its beginning when a group of schoolmates decided to come together to pursue their passion for music. The band is often compared to Coldplay and Keane because they also use piano as the main instrument but their music is quite distinct. The songs by the band are emotionally strong with powerful lyrics. They have emerged as a band known for their refined blend of piano work, electric guitars and emotional lyrics. The band has a huge fan following and when they are touring then the excitement reaches sky high.  If you want to make it to their The Fray Noblesville concert then look for The Fray Noblesville tickets.