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Get your hands on Anoraak tickets and enjoy the unique trademark style, the French synth/techno/80s pop genius brings your way. Influence of 1980s television and video game music is clearly evident in the music produced by Anorak and that is what sets it apart. His tunes and beats evoke images that take you to another time and era. Anoraak first came to the music scene in 2008, when a producer/DJ named Frédéric Rivière from Nantes, France came up with the track “Night Drive With You” and that is how his music career took off. The 80’s and French sounding number soon caught on and the harmonious melody is still a source of inspiration for the upcoming DJs. Anoraak also started the Valerie collective. His fans can check out his songs on the Valerie blog that has great music beats from all around the world.

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About The Drive Tour Anoraak

“Wherever The Sun Sets,” a record released by Anoraak in 2010, has the same catchy electronic and instrumental beats that it is famous for. It was with this LP that Anoraak evolved and added more musicians that make it now a 3 piece band. “Crazy Eyes” is another popular heavily remixed track featuring many artists. If you are the one who loves music that has laser-guided synth lines and catchy beats then get Anorak tickets. To get hold on cheap Anoraak tickets you need to hurry before they are all taken.

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