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With more than forty million album sales to their name, The Doobie Brothers hail from San Jose, California and hold a reputable status when it comes to rock band. For their work over the decades, the group was also inducted in to the Vocal Group Hall of Fame back in 2004. The Doobie Brothers currently enjoy a far stretched fan following in different parts of the world. Ever since their reunion in 1987, the group has been recording and performing live regularly. After releasing their most recent studio release, World Gone Crazy, the group has been touring extensively. And while the group is still on tour, it’s the right time for the Doobie Brothers fans to grab the Doobie Brothers tickets and catch them live as they come to your city.

About The Doobie Brothers Tickets

The group was formed back in 1969, and they kept on performing live all through 1970 to improve their live act and also to grab some attention in the local music scene. Initially the group attracted the attention of the bikers in the region thanks to their recurring live performances at the Chateau Liberte. The group kept on playing there from time to time all through 1975 as well. The Doobie Brothers made their studio debut with the release of a self-titled studio album in 1971. The album featured the country music influenced tracks and an extensive use of acoustic guitars. The album, however, failed to chart. The band’s mainstream success came with the release of their second studio album, Toulouse Street. The album was released in 1972 and featured hit rock numbers like Jesus is Just Alright and Listen to the Music. For their second album, the Doobie Brothers worked with the producer Ted Templeman and manager Bruce Cohn.
The group followed their path of giving out hit singles with the release of their third studio album, The Captain and Me. Like their previous album, this one also featured a couple of hit singles including China Grove and Long Train Runnin’. At that time, the group started attracting attention of a good number of rock music listeners, and the quality of their live performances appreciated substantially as well. After the release of The Captain and Me, the group released six more studio albums before they finally went on hiatus in 1982. The group officially got back together in 1987 and came up with their new material in 1989 with the release of their album Cycles.
In 2010, the Doobie Brothers carried on their legacy with the release of their album World Gone Crazy. The album portrays the true spirit of the kind of music that the group makes, which is why World Gone Crazy stands out on its own. The album has been referred as yet another great addition to the American music industry, which features reminiscent story telling through the lyrics and energetic performances. Featuring two of the original founding members of the band, World Gone Crazy is what the Doobie Brothers’ music is all about.
The Doobie Brothers have been in the music industry for more than two decades now, and they have been playing live since then. Even during their hiatus in the mid-eighties, the group still kept on performing live on various occasions from time to time. For most part of the band’s career, the group has concentrated more on the quality of their live performances. Which is why The Doobie Brothers tickets are worth each and every penny.
Over the years, the group has experimented with its sound from time to time. They kept on adding diversity to their music but at the same time, they stayed true to themselves as well when it came to making music. Following the release of their most recent studio effort, the band intends to keep on performing live and keep on giving their fans, some good rock music. 

The Doobie Brothers is a rock band based in San Jose, California. They have been active performers since the 1970s and are known for their ever changing lineup. Their current lineup consists of Tom Johnston, the only original member, John Simmons, John Cowan, Ed Toth, John McFee, Tony Pia, Guy Allison, and Marc Russo. Since the band came together, they have sold over 40 million records all over the world and have become known for their "swamp rock" sound. To watch them perform live, get Doobie Brothers tickets.

The idea of bringing such a band together came in 1969 to John Hartman, the drummer who wanted to contact musicians who would be interested in reviving the Moby Grape sound. He met up with Skip Spence, who then introduced him to Tom Johnston who was a singer and guitar player. Hence, these three became the nucleus of what was going to be the Doobie Brothers. These are the only consistent members of a band that has seen countless members come and go. They called for other musicians to try out for their band around San Jose, and experimented with a variety of different sounds, ranging from the softer rock to heavy metal. They even considered working with a horn section, briefly touring with one as well.

By 1970, they had found a bassist, and a songwriter, Dave Shogren and Patrick Simmons. The latter had been in and out of many groups prior to joining Doobie. He had played acoustic music and was influenced by R&B music. His approach to composing a song was just what Johnston’s guitar playing style needed. When they had formed a big enough band that could carry out entire sets in concerts, they headed out throughout California to get every gig they could. They traveled through most of the northern parts of the state performing almost daily and consequently improving as live performers.

In the process, they started to gain a noticeable following that would be at every concert no matter where they performed. They were particularly popular amongst the biker crowd and earned a permanent performing venue at "Chateau Liberate" where they performed throughout 1975. Most of these gigs were completely impromptu, and all band members were not even present through some of them. It was during this time, now that they were confident in themselves as entertainers that they recorded a few demos and sent them to Warner Brother Records. The producers loved the sound which earned them their first record deal.

They developed their image around their fans; that of bikers, clad in leather jackets and promoting the biker lifestyle. But when they released their first album through their label, the result was a significant step away from that fad. The album however did not do too well on the charts. Nevertheless, they caught the eyes and ears of music critics who pointed out how polished their acoustic guitars were and how the country flair in their music gave them an edge. Their first single was "Nobody", a tune that has become their signature song over the years.

For a few years, the band was put in a hiatus and all the members went on their individual projects or joined other bands. Simmons even tried another hand at a solo career, but his efforts were in vain as his album was not commercially well received. Eventually, Johnston and Simmons got back together and began working on some new material for a potential reunion. This effort was left hanging and was eventually abandoned. It wasn’t until the 1990s that a proper attempt to put the Doobie Brothers back together was initiated. They first got together so they could perform at benefit concerts for Vietnam War victims. By doing so they realized how in demand their tickets were and how responsive the crowd was to their performances. Because of this the concerts then evolved into a proper tour around cities of California. They invited other artists to join them in their venture as well and Bonnie Raitt, Santana and James Taylor aptly responded.

Their reunion was so successful that the band decided to get back together permanently. Their recent work, "World Gone Crazy" included some new tunes as well as some of their greatest hits, including "Nobody" which was rereleased as a single. From then on, the band has become a popular touring group, going around the country. Doobie Brothers tickets can be found for all major cities of the US.

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