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Tenacious D is an comedy rock band from Los Angeles that has been active since 1994 and widely regarded today as the best comedy rock band in the whole world as well as one of the most famous rock bands of all time. It mixes in heavy metal, acoustic rock and hard rock styles to create what is known as comedy rock, which is best heard live with Tenacious D tickets in hand for a performance that beggars many a rock band. Its music has also been released in the form of many albums through record labels such as Columbia Records, SME Records and Epic Records. It has also been associated with bands such as Trainwreck and The Kyle Gass Band.

About Tenacious D

Tenacious D’s lineup today consists of lead vocalist Jack Black, who also plays the guitar and lead guitarist Kyle Gass, who also lends vocals for songs. The two artists met while attending the Edinburgh Fringe in Edinburgh, Scotland back in 1989. They were members of The Actors’ Gang, a theatre troupe based in Los Angeles which was then performing the play Carnage by Adam Simon and Tim Robbins. Though their relationship began with animosity, they eventually became friends and founded a band. Jack Black taught Kyle Gass acting whereas the latter taught him how to play guitar. The two then began performing without a name as a duo, covering songs by the likes of Bobby McFerrin.
After becoming Tenacious D, the dup started recording a demo tape during the nineties which was then sent on to several record labels. They had already been involved with Bob Odenkirk and thus HBO made an offer for a TV show, titled as the band’s name. This show debuted in 1997 after an episode of Mr. Show, in which they also starred. After the series, the two artists returned to performing live and it was during such shows that they met up with Dave Grohl, formerly of Nirvana and now the frontman of Foo Fighters. This led to them appearing on the music video for the song Learn to Fly by the Foo Fighters. One thing led to another and soon they were opening for famous bands such as the Foo Fighters, Pearl Jam and Beck and being seen by many live with cheap Tenacious D tickets.
In 2000, Tenacious D was signed onto the label, Epic Records, while at the same time Jack Black continued his acting career. Their first self-titled album was released in 2001 and it ranked in the thirties of the Billboard 200 chart. This album was produced with a full band that included guitarist and drummer Dave Grohl, Phish’s Page McConnell as the keyboardist, The Vandals’s Warren Fitzegerald as the guitarist and Redd Kross’s Steven Shane McDonald as the bassist. Songs from this album were also carried on from the band’s TV series and in just a few years, it was certified platinum selling over a million copies. In 2004, the band released a film titled as The Pick of Destiny as well as an album of the same name that was its soundtrack. It featured the likes of Ben Stiller and even Dave Grohl. The album ranked eighth on the Billboard 200 charts, tenth in the UK and topped the iTunes chart.
After the release of this album, Jack Black, one of the two members of Tenacious D, took a break from acting with the duo then going on tour and beginning work on their next album. This album was titled as Rize of the Fenix and was released in 2012 to positive reviews. Tenacious D also released a film that starred many great actors such as Val Kilmer, Marie Menounos, Tim Robbins, Jimmy Kimmel and Dave Grohl. With appearances in many films, TV and live, they are a band to be caught live through Tenacious D tickets.