Celebrated hard rock band Styx rose to the forefront of the music landscape during the late 70’s and early 80’s. With five consecutive multi-platinum albums, these rockers firmly stamped their mark on the music landscape. The group is also credited with over a dozen top forty singles on the Billboard charts.

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As the band teams up with fellow rockers Def Leppard and Tesla for a thrilling rock and roll tour, we have taken the opportunity to dig out three of their top singles that made a lasting contribution to the world of music and often feature at Styx’s live gigs.

Top three singles by the hard rock icons Styx

Come Sail Away

Come Sail Away” is the fourth single from the multi-platinum album, The Grand Illusion.  It has been a staple at Styx live performances and a classic hit that has appeared in countless movies and television series. The single brilliantly showcases the skills of the various band members of Styx, including DeYoung’s powerful vocals, Shaw’s amazing guitar riffs and Young’s instrumental expertise.


Another fixture at Styx’s live concerts, “Renegade” appears on this popular rock act’s commercially successful project Pieces of Eight. Though the single failed to claim a top ten spot on “The Billboard Hot 100,” it made a lasting contribution to popular culture at the time.


The only single by these talented rockers to top “The Billboard Hot 100” chart, “Babe” featured a notable shift in musical direction. The carefully crafted pop ballad had no rhythm guitars and mainly showcased the vocals of DeYoung. Catch these singles and more at the incredible live concert of the progressive rock legends by getting your Styx Bozeman tickets.  


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