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Hailed as one of the best composers and singers in the rock world, Sting has announced another tour, this time taking Peter Gabriel along the ride. Titled Rock Paper Scissors Tour, it will feature both the singers performing each other’s songs and also swapping their band members during the live performance. Don’t miss out those fast-selling Sting Wantagh tickets.

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Sting – Know More About The Rock Legend

Living quite an interesting life, Sting had to work hard to attain the status of a legend. He started his career in jazz rather than classic rock n roll, ending his extraordinary run with the Police believing that the band had reached its peak and couldn’t get greater than this. Read on for more interesting tidbits on the Every Breath You Take singer.

  • Gordon Matthew Thomas earned his name Sting due to a black and yellow sweater that he was wearing during a live performance. A fellow musician called him Sting and the name has stuck since then.

  • Andy Summer once stated that Sting was not a team player. Odd considering that for the past two years he had been successfully touring with Paul Simon and now will head out on another trek with Peter Gabriel.

  • He commented on his animosity with former band members (The Police) in words, “I can’t really change my life to accommodate people who are jealous. I don't see why I should.”