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Steve Haworth Miller is a respected name in the music world. This fine guitarist/musician won appreciation from the renowned guitarist Les Paul when he was just five years old. He is an inductee of the Woodrow Hall of Fame.

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About Steve Miller Band Woodinville Tickets

The Blues Rock Band of Steve Miller is Here

Steve Miller is a well-known musician who has amassed a somewhat hardcore fan following in countries such as Canada and the US. Miller has got one gold and four platinum certified albums to his name. Fly Like an Eagle is the highest selling studio album by the Steve Miller Band. This album sold over four million copies in the US alone. To catch this fine band live on stage, purchase Steve Miller Band Woodinville tickets.

Born in a jazz family

Steve Miller belongs to Milwaukee, Wisconsin and he was born in 1943. Both his parents had strong affiliation with jazz music as his mother was a singer whereas his father was an accomplished recording engineer and a jazz enthusiast. Legendary rock and roll guitar player Lester Paul, popularly known as Les Paul was a close friend of Steve Miller’s father. Paul encouraged young Miller to continue with his passion for guitar.  He went on to release eighteen studio, six live and seven compilation albums.

Time to catch Miller live

The composer of chart topping hit songs such as “The Joker,” “Rock’n Me” and “Abracadabra,” Steve Miller will be in Woodinville for a live concert so be ready for it. Purchase Steve Miller Band Woodinville tickets in advance.