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He has the looks that can make women go weak in their knees and a voice that hits you to the very core. It is none other than the multi-talented Sondre Lerche who emerged in the music scene in 2001 and has since been captivating the hearts of millions. This Norwegian singer incorporates pop, indie rock and jazz in his music while making his listeners wanting for more, while assuring that he has a long way to go. Sondre is not only a singer but also song-writer and a multi-instrumentalist having a good grip on guitar, bass, glockenspiel, piano, keyboard, and Hammond. The crooner has been welcomed with a warm embrace both, by his fans and the critics who never stop raving about his mellifluous voice and the resonating affect his music has. Thus, to witness Sondre lerche’s raw talent buy Sondre Lerche tickets and join him live in concert.

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About Sondre Lerche

Sondre Lerche’s early influences include The Beatles, A-ha, the Beach Boys and Prefab Sprout; some of the most successful pop/rock bands of all time. He was later exposed to Brazilian music by his teacher who indeed helped him broaden his palate and explore other genres. Thus, at the age of fourteen, Sondre started performing at clubs and gradually became popular in Norway. However, it was H.P Gundersen, a renowned Norwegian producer who put Sondre on the map. He not only spotted his talent but introduced him to genres such as psychedelia, 60’s pop, and mainstream Brazilizn music. Hence his encounter with manager Tatiana Penzo landed him a promising deal with Virgin Records, Norway. In the year 2001 Sondre came out with his debut album, Faces Down and proved his mettle as a singer and songwriter as all the songs had been written by him. It featured the singles All Luck Ran Out, Sleep on Needles and Rose Bud. The album was a major hit in Norway and the United States and received a 4/5 ratings by Allmusic.
Furthermore it opened doors for the American and European tour while also fulfilling his long time dream of performing with A-ha and Beth Orton. The year 2004 saw the release of his second album, Two Way Monologue comprising the single Days that are Over. The album came off as a pleasant surprise as it showcased Sondre Lerche’s ability to unleash something out-of-the-box. The music this time around was more towards the mellow side as opposed to the effervescent style in the previous album. Devon Powers from Popmatters lauded in these words “contagious musical sensibilities, exhilarating vigor and downright stupefying songcraft”. Just when fans and the critics had digested Sondre’s fresh approach he flabbergasted everyone with his third album, Duper Sessions. Releasing in 2006, the album presented a pleasant synthesis of jazz and indie rock. Consequently the album swept the fifth spot on the Billboard Official Top Contemporary Jazz Albums Chart.
Other albums such as Phantom Punch, Heartbeat Radio, Sondre Lerche and Bootlegs came out in 2007, 2009, 2011 and 2012 respectively. Hence every album depicted Sondre’s quirky style of music which was widely applauded by the fans and critics. Heartbeat Radio and Sondre Lerche significantly stood out among others for being experimental yet thoroughly entertaining. The former consisted of acoustic guitars, orchestral pop, 50’s jazz, 60’s and 70’s Brazilian psych-folk paving way for an eclectic range of genres. Michael Wood of L.A Times was of the opinion that Sondre Lerche excels at every genre he gets his hands on while leaving behind even the more experienced musicians. Whereas Tim Sendra from Allmusic Guide hailed the album as Sondre’s “best work to date”.
Next up of the same league was his self titled album which was not only praised for the avant-garde music arrangements but also portrayed Sondre as a prolific songwriter. It gave no room for criticism as every critic was left with no choice but to praise the catchy and riveting lyrics. Ricochet, Private Caller, Red Flags, Go Right Ahead, and Living Dangerously emerged as some of the most popular songs from the album. To dive into the soulful music buy Sondre Lerche tickets and experience his raw talent live.

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