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Shadow play has been employed for centuries to portray stories and events entailing humanoid and supernatural characters. Involving the use of silhouetted figures, cutouts or fabricated against a paper or cloth screen, the first known formalized shadow play can be traced back to the Han Dynasty in China over two millennia ago. Though during the last glacial period of the ongoing ice age, there would have been little to do for humans who spent most of their time holed up in caves and so would have taken to various forms of shadow play using the light from their fires and the cave walls as their screens. However, the shadowy performances that the Silhouettes deliver are a fry cry from being stone-age and employ music lighting and stunning projected images that are overlaid on the shadow visuals. The Silhouettes have already the won the hearts and acclaim of people all across America by becoming runners-up in the sixth season of America's Got Talent and its time that you experience them in all their "shadowy glory" by booking some Silhouettes tickets.

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About Silhouettes

The Silhouettes consist of 42 preteens, teenagers and twenty-somethings ranging from ages as young as 3 and going up to 23 that hail from Denver-area and are students of the Rocky Mountain School of Dance and Performing Arts that is located in Arvada, Colo. The dance school opened its doors in 1992 and over the years its students have performed in many competitions held both locally and nationwide. The Rocky Mountain School prides itself in inculcating not just the technical skill of various dance forms within its protégés but also the love, care and passion that are essential elements for creating a moving dance piece. The Silhouettes were created in the spring of 2009 by the artistic director Lynne Waggoner-Patton and incorporate the same grace, sensitivity and ardor in to their stark offerings. So go ahead and buy silhouettes tickets now and you will surely be left in awe of their panache.

The story of the silhouettes making it into America's Got Talent (AGT) started with a Denver based entertainment company taking notice of the NBC coverage of their performance for SportAccord, an umbrella entity that oversees both Olympic as well as non-Olympic sporting events. The entertainment company extended an invitation to the Silhouettes to audition for the sixth season of America's Got Talent on October 10th, 2010. After the parents of the mostly underage Silhouettes were made to understand the potential that the opportunity held, they gave their blessings and the troupe performed their first piece in front of the AGT judges and the studio audience to a standing ovation. Successive performances and advances into subsequent rounds only enhanced the Silhouettes' charm and appeal, with some even leaving the onlookers and judges, especially Sharon Osbourne with tears in their eyes. Get some cheap Silhouettes tickets and you will also experience their powerful depictions that will make you misty-eyed as well.
The Silhouettes' director Lynn has over 30 years of experience as a dancer and her students have graced the stages and screens of many a notable name in music and television, such as Vanessa Hudgens, Earth Wind and Fire, Ally McBeal Show, and Modern Family.  Lynn has been the recipient of numerous awards for her choreography in regional and national events and has also judged extensively. However, she maintains that the Silhouettes are her tour de force. And after getting some cheap silhouettes tickets, you will find yourself in consonance with her.

Though their AGT finale performance with LeAnn Rimes was their shadowy feat of brilliance, in the past two years, the Silhouettes have performed many corporate shows for the likes of Coldwell Banker, Acura and Honda and recently rocked the Ceasers Palace in Las Vegas. However, the Silhouettes are far from being sellouts and are active members of Kids Helping Kids, a program started within the Rocky Mountain School of Dance and Performing Arts whose work of raising money for homeless children in Colarado has been officially acknowledged by Governor John Hickenlooper. So book your silhouettes tickets now for witnessing a vivid spectacle of sheer poise and skill enwrapped in innocent diligence.

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